What iskmspico and how to use it

Kmspico is a software for Windows Operating system which can activate Microsoft products like office and windows. This is extremely effective in cracking and bypassing the activation process of windows and Microsoft office.

Microsoft uses serial keys and activation keys to activate its product online. Kmspico software takes the control of your PC’s internet connection and sends false confirmation to system from its private network. Your system thinks that confirmation is received from the servers of Microsoft but these are actually sent from the servers of Kmspico. I tried this tool and found very useful in activating windows and MS office.

How to install Kmspico.[Download Kmspico]

I got in big trouble when I tried installing it. Antivirus Softwares and windows defender treats kmspico as a virus and removes it from your system whenever you try to install it. In order to run Kmspico follow below steps.

  1. Download Kmspico from their official website here.
  2. Extract the zip file to get the software packages.
  3. Don’t open the extracted file as we have to deactivate virus protection of your PC
  4. Simply turn off your third party antivirus if you are using one. After this, we will head to deactivate the pre-bundled windows defender which comes with windows.
  5. Search for windows defender in your start menu and open it. Go to the setting menu inside windows defender and turn off real-time protection.
  6. Also under the “excluded file type “menu add “.exe” file extension and hit add.
  7. Inside the “excluded files and location” menu select the folder where you extracted Kmspico and press the save button.
  8. Now run the extracted Kmspico software and finish the installation process.

How to activate windows and MS office with Kmspico?

  1. To check if your window is activated or not right-click on “This PC “and choose properties. In properties, you can check the status of window activation. If your windows are not activated then head over to next step.kmspico
  2. After the installation process of Kmspico has finished run Kmspico as administrator.
  3. In the main tab of Kmspico press the red button and let the process finish. On successful activation of windows, kmspico will close itself giving you an audio message of success.kmspico main screen
  4. Now again check the properties of “This PC” and windows status will become activated.
  5. Now its time to crack the MS office including all components like Word, excel, powerpoint.
  6. Open Kmspico and switch to tokens tab.
  7. Inside the token tab first, make a backup of your current token and select the version of MS office you want to crack.how to crack MS office with kmspico
  8. After selecting the required version of MS office click on “Install Key” and you have cracked the MS office successfully.

Is it safe to use Kmspico?

Yes, Kmspico is safe to use, I downloaded the Kmspico from the link which I have shared above and it just worked fine. I tried cracking a freshly installed Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 and it worked without any issue. But obviously the chances of danger cannot be avoided. Using Kmspico is illegal and there are chances of future trouble which this Kmspico can cause.

However, the chances of risk to your data and privacy are very less but make sure to eliminate these risks by downloading from trustworthy sources. I suggest you download Kmspico from the official site whose link I have given above.



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