How to Make Barn in Little Alchemy 2
How to Make Barn in Little Alchemy 2

Little Alchemy 2 is fun and easy-to-play game where you combine different elements to create new ones. One of the items you can make in the game is a barn, which is useful for many other combinations. In this guide, we’ll teach you How to Make Barn in Little Alchemy 2 and look at other fun things you can do with it. Get ready to learn and enjoy Little Alchemy 2 even more!

Understanding Little Alchemy 2

Basics of the game

Little Alchemy 2 is fun and simple game created by Jakub Koziol. It’s free to play and available on different platforms. At start, you have four basic elements:

  • Air
  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Water

Your goal is to mix these elements to discover new combinations and create more than 700 items.

Crafting and creating new items

To make new items in game, you just drag and drop elements onto your workspace and combine them. If you make valid combination, the game gives you a new element, which you can then use to combine with other elements and discover even more items.

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Essential Elements to Create a Barn


To create barn in Little Alchemy 2, you’ll need few essential elements. One of them is Hay. Hay is an important part of making a barn, and you can get it by mixing two other elements in the game. You can make Hay by combining Grass with either Farmer or Sun. Once you have Hay, you’re one step closer to creating your barn.


Another crucial element you need for making a barn is House. A House is a key ingredient in the barn recipe, and you’ll need to combine a couple of other elements to create it. Start by making Wall and a Roof, and then combine these two elements to create a House. With both Hay and House in your inventory, you’re now ready to make barn in Little Alchemy 2.

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How to Make Barn in Little Alchemy 2 : Step-by-Step Guide

To know How to Make Barn in Little Alchemy 2 you need to follow the below step by step guide to understand the process in order to make barn.

Creating Hay

To create Hay in Little Alchemy 2, you first need to find right combination of elements. Start by looking for Grass, which is an essential component for making Hay. You can obtain Grass by combining Earth and Plant. Once you have Grass, you can create Hay by mixing it with either Farmer or Sun.

To create Farmer, you’ll need to combine Human and Field. You can make Human by mixing Earth and Life, while Field can be created by combining Earth and Tool. Alternatively, you can create Sun by combining Fire and Sky. Sky is obtained by mixing Air and Cloud, and Cloud is created by combining Air and Steam. :

So, in summary, to create Hay, follow these steps:

  • Combine Earth and Plant to make Grass.
  • Combine Earth and Life to make Human, then combine Human and Field to create Farmer. Or combine Fire and Sky to make Sun.
  • Combine Grass with either Farmer or Sun to make Hay.

Creating a House

Next important part of making a Barn is House. To create House, you need to mix Wall and a Roof. To make Wall, combine two Bricks. You can create Brick by mixing Clay and Fire. To get Clay, just combine Earth and Water.

Next, to create Roof, you’ll need to combine Straw and Wood. Straw can be made by combining Hay and Tool, while Wood is created by combining Tool and Tree. You can create Tree by combining Earth and Plant.

So, to create a House, follow these steps:

  • Combine Earth and Water to make Clay, then combine Clay and Fire to create Brick. Combine two Bricks to create Wall.
  • Combine Hay and Tool to make Straw, and combine Tool and Tree to create Wood. Then, combine Straw and Wood to make Roof.
  • Combine Wall and Roof to create a House.

Combining Hay and House

Now that you have both Hay and House, you’re ready to create a Barn. Simply drag and drop Hay and House onto the workspace in Little Alchemy 2, and they’ll combine to form a Barn. Congratulations! You’ve successfully crafted a Barn in the game.

Advanced Combinations and Uses for a Barn


After making Barn, you can do more fun things with it. For instance, you can create Livestock. To do this, combine Barn and Cow. To make Cow, you need to combine Livestock (you’ll have to create it first) and Grass. To create initial Livestock, mix Farmer with a Wild Animal. You can make a Wild Animal by mixing Forest and Life. So, here’s how to create Livestock:

  • Combine Forest and Life to make Wild Animal.
  • Combine Farmer and Wild Animal to create Livestock.
  • Combine Livestock and Grass to make Cow.
  • Combine Barn and Cow to create another Livestock.


You can create interesting combinations with Barn, like a Tractor. To make a Tractor, mix Barn with a Steam Engine. To create a Steam Engine, you need Boiler and a Wheel. Make a Boiler by combining Metal and Steam. You can make Metal using Stone and Fire, and Steam by mixing Water and Fire. To create a Wheel, mix Wood with Circular Motion, which you can get by combining Motion and Time. So, here’s how to make a Tractor:

  • Combine Stone and Fire to make Metal.
  • Combine Water and Fire to create Steam.
  • Combine Metal and Steam to make a Boiler.
  • Combine Motion and Time to create Circular Motion, then combine Wood and Circular Motion to create a Wheel.
  • Combine Boiler and Wheel to create a Steam Engine.
  • Combine Barn and Steam Engine to create a Tractor.


A Silo is another helpful item you can make with Barn. To create a Silo, mix Barn and Container. You can make Container by combining Pottery and a Lid. To make Pottery, mix Clay and a Tool, and to make a Lid, combine Wood and Circular Motion. Here’s how to create Silo:

  • Combine Clay and Tool to create Pottery.
  • Combine Wood and Circular Motion to make a Lid.
  • Combine Pottery and Lid to create a Container.
  • Combine Barn and Container to make a Silo.

Tips and Tricks for Mastering Little Alchemy 2

  • Stay patient: Little Alchemy 2 is all about trying different element combinations. Take your time experimenting, and don’t worry if you don’t discover new items immediately.
    Think logically: While some combinations might seem random, many are based on real-life connections. Consider how elements might relate to each other in the real world to find new combinations.
    Use the in-game guide: The game has a built-in guide that displays discovered elements and their possible mixes. Use this helpful tool to track your progress and get ideas about what to make next.
    Start with basics: Mixing basic elements like Air, Earth, Fire, and Water can create many new items. Don’t hesitate to return to basics and see what you can make.
  • Look for hidden combinations: Sometimes, the game rewards you for combining items that don’t seem to have any connection. Keep experimenting and trying unusual combinations to discover surprising new items.
  • Take breaks: If you feel stuck or frustrated, pause and come back later. A fresh perspective can often help you see new possible combinations and solutions.
  • Search for help online: Plenty of guides, hints, and cheat sheets are available online to help you advance in the game. If you’re stuck, look for help or ideas.


In conclusion, Little Alchemy 2 is a fun and engaging game that encourages you to experiment with different element combinations. By staying patient, starting with basic elements, mixing similar items, using the in-game guide, and taking breaks when needed, you can master the game and discover all exciting combinations it has to offer. Don’t hesitate to explore and use online resources if you need help or inspiration. Happy crafting

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