chrome extension on android

“Extensions” is one of the most important things which make Google Chrome the best web browser among others. Being a blogger you always need some extensions for keyword research and other stuff like grammar and VPN.

Bloggers like me who most of the time write articles from mobile phones on the go rely on Google Chrome for writing and other editings.

Chrome for android natively doesn’t support extensions.

But imagine how cool it will be if we can use chrome extension on android phone. Below we will discuss some of the hacks which can enable you to use chrome extension on Android phone.

In this guide, we are going to add chrome extensions on android with the help of some modded android browsers instead of original google chrome browser. Below we will describe three working method to enable desktop chrome extension on android phone/tablet.

Method 1: Using Kiwi Browser to install the chrome extension on android.

This is my favorite method to use chrome extensions on the android phone as Kiwi browser gives the same browsing experience and UI that of original chrome browser. I tested many extensions on this browser and they just work awsome. Follow the below steps in order to run chrome extension on android :

1. Go to Playstore and download the latest version of Kiwi browser from

2. Open Kiwi browser and type chrome://extensions  in the address bar.

chrome extensions android

3. A page like above will appear, enable developer option there.

chrome extensions android

4. Now in the next step, you need to visit the chrome web store here in order to browse and download the extension.

5. In the chrome web store choose any extension and click on the ” add to chrome button”.

6. After downloading the desires extensions Kiwi browser will automatically add the chrome extension on itself.

7. You can confirm the installation by visiting the extension menu of Kiwi browser.

chrome extensions android

8. If you don’t see the chrome extension under this tab you can manually load the downloaded extension from the same extension tab.

Note: All the extensions may not be available on your android phone because in the difference of desktop and android UI. I have tested some extensions like flikover, VPN, and Grammarly which works fine for me.

Method 2: Using the Yandex Web browser to install the chrome extension android.

Yandex is another simple and effective method to use chrome extension on android. This web browser is also easy to configure, follow these steps to install chrome extensions on Yandex web browser.

1. Download and install Yandex browser from here.

2. After downloading Yandex browser simply visit the chrome web store from here.

chrome extensions android

3. After entering into web store of google chrome choose the extension you want to install and click on ” add to chrome button”

chrome extensions android

4. You can confirm the installation of extension by visiting the extension tab inside the three-dot menu.

chrome extensions on android

5. The thing which I liked most about Yandex browser is, you can enable and disable extension directly without leaving the page you are browsing.

Method 3 : Using Windows emulators on Android.

chrome extensions android

Emulators are the software which creates artificial environments like other operating systems on an actually different OS.
There are many windows emulators for Android which can make it possible to install and run Windows program on Android.
Some great examples of Windows emulators for Android are limbo PC emulator and Wine emulator.

Using Windows software on Android can cause performance issues but they give the actual UI and full features that on desktop.

Below are the steps which you can follow to run chrome extensions on Android phone.

  1. Download the desktop version of Google chrome (.exe) from here.
  2.  Double click on the downloaded chrome package and it will begin the installation process.
  3. After the successful installation of the chrome browser open it and navigate to the official web store.
  4. Click on the extension that you want to install and choose “add to Chrome”.
  5.  The extension is installed now and you can use the extension in the same way that on PC.

You can try above three methods in order to run Chrome extensions on the android phone. I have tested many extension on my mobile phone and all of them just worked fine. If you are having any difficulties using chrome extensions on android you can ask in the comments.


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