1377x proxy list

Some years ago it was easier to download the paid movies, paid games and apps for free via the internet.

But after the various complaints made by the original owners of such content, most of the countries put a ban on sites providing paid content for free.

The paid content on these type of websites is shared in forms of torrent(which after downloading can be converted into other formats).

1337x is a torrent downloading website which became popular after the end of another popular torrent site called Kickass in 2015? Due to the strictness in pirated content worldwide they made some proxy version of 1337x to hide their website from Government agencies.

These 1337x proxy websites keep changing from time to time, below we have listed down various 1377x proxy websites from there you can download the movies, music, and software for free.

What are 1337x proxies and how to use them to download torrent for free?

Like I said above, many countries have banned downloading of the paid content for free. But still, there are many countries whose ISP(internet service providers.) hasn’t banned 1377x.

Proxy is a third party intermediate website between you and the original 1377x torrent downloading website which hides your IP address and location. Each webpage of 1377x which you will browse will first pass through these proxy websites and after that, it will be served to you. This process keeps repeating for every new page you browse on 1377x.

Reasons to use 1337x proxies.

There may be various reasons to use proxies site to access the 1337x like:-

1. You want to hide your IP address and location

2. 1337x has been banned in your country specific and you want to show your location in other countries.

3. 1337x has banned your IP address.

4. 1337x has fast regional servers located at a particular location.

5. You want to browse this site privately without getting noticed to someone who is monitoring you.

List of 1377x proxies which can be used to download torrents for free:-

[table id=11 /]

How to Use 1337x proxy:-

1337x proxy list

In the table above at the top, there are 6 official web addresses of 1337x websites. After the official website, there is a list of various “proxy websites” which can be used to hide IP address in case any official websites are not working for You.
1. To use a proxy website simply go to one of the proxy websites from the links given above.
2. Enter the web address “1337x.to” in the box of proxy website and press go/surf button.

How to use VPN to access 1337x without proxy websites :

1337x proxy

VPN(Virtual Private Network) is another great alternative to access 1337x instead of using web proxies. VPN bypasses the whole connection of your system whereas Proxy websites operate through the tab of web browser only.
There are a number of VPN applications available for different platforms which can be installed on devices to access 1337x.

Final words.

By using all the methods we described above you can access the 1377x website and can download torrent for free. Download speed depends upon the speed of proxy website you are using so make sure to check the speed of server in the table above.
If you still have issues regarding access to 1337x then you can ask in the comment section below.




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