Free Netflix Accounts

Netflix is an online streaming website which streams online movies and web series over the Internet. It is predicted that Netflix will Replace the Traditional Televisions like Traditional televisions replaced the old Radios. Netflix serves you Entertainment and original content. The fever of Netflix has spread over all the world. The only downside of the Netflix is that you will need to spend little money to access the content. But what if you will get the Free Netflix account?

Doesn’t it Sound Good?

Well, here I will provide you with 50 + Free Netflix account list along with the passwords.

Note: These Free Netflix Accounts are updated Daily and works perfectly I request you do not change the Passwords of these accounts and let others also use the accounts. There are possibilities that people can change the password of these accounts so try each account to get the access.

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If somehow any account from the list above doesn’t work you can use the alternate method to get the free Netflix account. In this method, I will describe to you, how to use the Netflix free account generator to access the free Netflix accounts. I personally use this technique to get all these free accounts.

Free Netflix Account Generator 2018 :

  1. To use the Netflix free account Generator you need to visit this website.
  2.  Complete the Registration by filling the required Details.
  3. Once you have completed the sign-up process you will get a free Netflix account and password as a reward.
  4. The account is premium and 8 people can use this type of account to stream the Netflix for free.
  5. Apart from that you can refer this to your friends and can renew your Package for free.

Free Netflix Accounts for a Month:

If in future the above 2 methods don’t work then you can still get the Netflix membership free for a month. The method is quite easy.

1. You have to visit the official Netflix site here.

Netflix one month free

2. Click on “Join one month Free”

3. See the plans and choose as per your need(I would prefer to choose Premium).

one month free netflix account

Free netflix accounts plans

4. Click on the “Continue” and Create your Account.

5.Set-up your Payment Method and enter your Credit card detail.

Free netflix accounts payment

6. Don’t worry Netflix will not deduct any money from you.

By following the above steps you can get the free Netflix account for a month. Netflix will send a reminder E-mail to you before three days after the expiration of free one-month Netflix subscription. You can cancel your account before the end of the one-month subscription.

To use the account after one month of usage you can use a different credit card to get the one-month free subscription again.

Note: Cancel your account after one month of usage otherwise Netflix will start charging money after one month of free usage, as you have submitted your credit card details to them



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