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Most of the android apps and games have a store inside them where user/player can purchase the various item. To purchase these items one has to spend some real money to buy that virtual money. This real money in-app purchase is the main source of revenue to the owner through his apps and games.

Sometimes the price of these in-app purchases is very high and many people can’t afford the cost of these in-app purchases. If you wonder what are the best apps to make free in app purchases below we will list the best apps for in-app purchases along with their user guides.

I don’t encourage you to hack in-app purchases of android apps, as doing this can cause you a ban from the app or you can end up with a broken app.

1. Lucky Patcher

1. Lucky patcher


This is my favorite app when it comes to hacking in-app purchases of android apps and games. The lucky patcher app was originally developed by ” ChelpuS “. Now someone else is working on developing this app and many people claim to be the original owner of this app.

However, this app works best on rooted android devices but you can do some basic hacks on Non-rooted android phones. Lucky patcher changes the .odex configuration present inside the apk files which sends the false reply from the server of lucky patcher that purchase was successful. This app can also be used to create mod apks and many other things. We already have a dedicated article which explains how to use lucky patcher to hack in app purchases of android phone, so in this article, we are not gonna explain that again.

Feature of lucky patcher.

  • In app purchase hack
  • Create mod apk
  • Custom patches
  • Remove license verification
  • Remove Google ads
  • Change apps component

2. Leo Playcard

2. Leo Playcard

Leo playcard is a true alternative to the lucky patcher app. This app is made keeping free in app purchases in mind, unlike lucky patcher which offers other functionalities too. The best part about Leo playcard is that it can be used without having root access on your android phone. The app is developed by an Indian developer Harsh. The app is extremely easy to use.

How to use Leo playcard for free in app purchases.

  1. Download Leo playcard from here and install it on your device.(This app isnt available on play store due to its hacking capabilities)
  2. After installing launch the app and press enable button.
  3. Now open the game and whose in-app purchases you want to hack.
  4. Open the store and try to make the purchase that you want for free.
  5. Now instead of making payment leo playcard will ask you to hack this game.
  6. Press the hack button and you will get in-app purchase for free.

3. Lulubox

3. Lulubox

This is another great app to hack in-app purchases of android apps. Apart from hacking, the lulubox app can also be used as a game booster. However, the lulubox app doesn’t provide a number of features but it is very easy to use. The thing which makes it stand in this list is its ability to hack various games without the need for root access. Lulubox can also work well for online games where lucky patcher lacks sometimes.

How to use Lulubox to hack games :

  1. Install the lulubox app from here. You won’t find it on play store because it is ban there like lucky patcher.
  2. After opening the app you will se the games and apps icon which can be hacked with lulubox.
  3. If your game that you want to hack is not listed in this list, click on add button and you will see the available hacks for your selected game/app.
  4. Now click on the feature which you want to add to the game and you are done.

Features of Lulubox

  • Hack store items
  • Game speed booster
  • Dual app support
  • Online games hacking

4. Cheat Engine

4. Cheat Engine

Cheat engine for Android is a little complex method to hack in-app purchases of android apps and games. Like lucky patcher, it also needs root access to perform in-app purchases but it also can work without root privileges for some basic games.  It actually doesn’t hacks the in-app purchases instead it manipulates the values of resources like gold and coins. The cheat engine app can increase the resources of offline games but sometimes lacks in hacking online multiplayer games.

How to use Cheat Engine to hack games:

  1. Download and install Cheat engine Apk from here.
  2. After installing open the app and select connect to the remote server if you don’t have root access, If your device is rooted then you can select the option “Launch CEserver and connect locally”.
  3. After selecting one of the above options, you will have a floating icon of cheat engine.
  4. Open the game that you want to hack using Cheat Engine.
  5. After opening the game click on the floating icon and it will open the game process inside the cheat engine.
  6. Now in the value field put the current number of coins do you have. For example, suppose you have 300 coins then enter 300 in value and press the next button.
  7. In the next screen, you will see a list of things having values 300.
  8. Long press on each property and select add to address option.
  9. After adding the items to address list.
  10. Open the address tab and change the value of the entire list by the number of coins that you need.
  11. Now restart the game and you will have the number of coins which you put in the address fields.

5. Freedom.

5. freedom

This app is similar to the other apps in this list. This app can bypass the in-app purchasing of apps without pre patching them. Freedom app created a simulated environment for the fake in-app purchases and apps fall in this trap. Remember to remove your credit card if you have added it to the google play services before.

How to use freedom app to hack in-app purchases.

  1. First, download and install the Freedom.apk from the link given above.
  2. After installation, allow superuser permission to it.
  3. Now open the game whose in-app purchases you want to hack and try to make the purchase.
  4. When you will try to make the purchase, it will show you a card with the name “Free card” on it.
  5. After a while, you will get a success message and purchases will be credited into your game profile.


There are many apps available which can hack in-app purchases of android apps. I don’t encourage you to perform in-app purchases of apps until you really can’t afford them, because these in-app purchases are the major source of income for developers who create these apps.

Overall in this list, lucky patcher is a great app to do free in-app purchases but needs root access. If you don’t have root access then you can try apps like lulubox with fewer features.


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