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Bluestacks is an android emulator for PC. This emulator can be used to create an android like environment on PC. Inside this emulator, one can install all the apk file like an android phone inside the PC.

Bluestack provides every function that android phone has but remember that its not a full-fledged mobile. Bluestack emulator doesn’t have an inbuilt recovery in it so the process of rooting bluestack is slightly different than an ordinary android phone. Also, after rooting bluestack emulator you cannot install the custom recovery on than as bluestack removes the partition of the internal storage. If someone tries to boot into custom recovery then he will end up with a blank screen.

Reasons to root bluestacks emulator.

If you have decided to root your bluestacks emulator then definitely you have something in your mind, maybe you are trying to test root features before rooting your android phone or maybe for some other reason. But if you are not aware of what you can do with rooted bluestacks then I am listing some of the cool things which you can try with rooted bluestack.

  1. Get more control on bluestack
  2. Install application which only works on rooted android phone
  3. Test some specific app with root access
  4. Transfer apps+data to your primary Android device
  5. Make mods of the games installed on bluestack

Method 1: Root bluestack using Kingoroot.

root bluestack using kingoroot

This is the easiest and fastest method to root bluestack emulator. Despite being the easiest method to root bluestack it may not work for the newer versions of bluestack. Kingoroot is basically a simple rooting app made for android phone which is capable to root an android device without Pc. To root bluestack emulator with the help of Kingoroot follow these simple steps.

  1. Install the official Kingoroot app from here.
  2. Import the downloaded apk files to bluestack emulator and install (You can find a detailed article covering the process of importing and installing files in bluestack emulator)
  3. After installing the application, it will show you the root status of bluestack.
  4. Make sure to connect your PC with internet to download necessary files for rooting.
  5. Click on the root button at the bottom of this app.
  6. Kingoapp will now start the rooting process, allow some time to finish the process, after loading 100 % it will pop up with a success button.
  7. If the above process fails then move to the next method of rooting bluestack PC emulator.

Method 2: Root bluestack emulator with BS tweaker application

This method of rooting is very simple and requires additional software called BS tweaker. Follow the below steps to root bluestack.

  1. Download BS Tweaker from here.
  2. Extract the BS tweaker with Winzip and you will get a folder.
  3. Inside the folder find an application “Bluestack tweaker 5” and run it is an administrator.root bluestack bs tweaker
  4. On the main screen of this application click on “Force close BS”. After clicking on this option both the green lights at the top right corner should turn into red.root bluestack force kill BS
  5. After this switch to root tab inside the software.
  6. In the root, tab clicks on the Unlock button and let the process finish.root bluestack push unlock
  7. After this again open the main tab and click on “start BS”. Now after this both the indicator lights at the top right corner should turn green again. Let the bluestack emulator load completely now.root bluestack main page bs tweaker
  8. Now again go to the Root tab and press the Patch button.root bluestack patch
  9. After successfully patch click on install SU button.
  10. After installing SU in bluestack click “Update SU binary” bouton right below the Install SU button.
  11. Open the bluestack emulator and you will see a SU app installed there on your main homepage.
  12. You can check the root status of bluestack emulator by installing Root checker app from play store.

How to install a custom recovery like CWM and TWRP on Bluestack emulator.custom recovery in bluestack

Bluestack doesn’t have the partition for the recovery, it means that you can not boot into recovery mode. A custom recovery allows a user to flash various zip files on their device. With the help of custom recovery, one can even change the rom of his android phone.

In bluestack emulator, you cannot change the ROM of your bluestack android emulator but still, you can use an app called “Flashify” to flash various zip files. To flashify zip file using flashify follow these steps.

  1. Install the Flashify app from here
  2. Open flashify and grant root access to it
  3. Select Flash zip files and choose the zip file you want to flash
  4. After successfully installing zip file restart the bluestack and flash zip file will be in effect now.

Can I install custom ROM on Bluestack?

The straight forward answer for this question is “NO” you can not flash any custom ROM on bluestack. Remember bluestack is just an emulator which only creates an android like environment in your PC and doesn’t have a recovery partition.

However, you can use various apps like Xposed installer and its modules to tweak the appearance and functionalities of your bluestack emulator.

Final Verdict.

I hope the above methods will work for you in rooting Bluestack emulator. Rooting bluestack emulator can make you capable to flash various root application and zip files before actually trying them on your android phone. You can experiment with various advanced things on bluestack emulator as it will not get bricked like your android phone. If you still have any queries related to rooting bluestack or the above method didn’t worked for you just drop a comment below and we will help you ASAP.




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