how to delete youtube video

Youtube is the biggest and most popular platform for sharing videos. Anyone who has a google account can upload their videos to youtube and others will be able to see the post. But sometimes when you publish a video accidentally or post a video which you want to delete now can cause great trouble to you. Youtube is a big website and has a lot of options in it so it may be difficult to locate the delete button in it. Below we will tell the different ways to delete a youtube video.

How to delete your own Youtube video?

It is very easy to delete a youtube video which you uploaded from your own account.

  1. To delete your own youtube video simply go to youtube’s Homepage. how to delete youtube video
  2. Click on the top Right side Round icon containing your profile picture or first alphabet of your account name.
  3. Now click on the Youtube studio option from the drop-down to delete youtube video
  4. Now a new homepage of youtube studio will open.
  5. Now from the Right side menu bar select videos option and it will open a list of all your uploaded videos.
  6. Now click on the three dots next to the video you want to to delete youtube video
  7. Click on the Delete video and you did it. The video you deleted will no longer be available to anyone to delete youtube video

(Pro Tip: You can delete the multiple videos at once by selecting the videos and performing bach action.)

How to delete a youtube video from a mobile phone.

After the introduction of high-end mobile devices, Youtube is not limited to desktop PC. Many of the youtubers make and upload their videos from mobile devices. The process of deleting a youtube video from mobile is easy as compared to the PC. The method is described step-wise below.

  1. Open the youtube app on your mobile to delete youtube video
  2. From the app click on the round icon at top of youtube app’s homepage containing your profile pic or first alphabet of your account name.
  3. Select My channel option from the to delete youtube video
  4. The option will open all of your uploaded videos.
  5. Click on the three dots below the video you want to to delete youtube video
  6. Click on the delete option and confirm your to delete youtube video
  7. It will show a success popup which means the video is deleted now and no one will be able to view that video.

How to delete a youtube channel.

If deleting the youtube video is not enough for you, you can also delete your entire youtube channel. Deleting a youtube channel will not delete your google account but it will delete your all uploaded videos via that channel. To delete the youtube videos follow the below steps.

  1. Go to Youtube’s homepage.
  2. Click on the round icon at the top right of your youtube’s homepage. How to Delete YouTube videos own and others from PC and Mobile.
  3. Click on the settings option from the drop-down menu.
  4. A new page will open now.
  5. Click on the advanced setting option at the Right side menu.
  6. Now at the end of these advanced settings click on the delete channel option.
  7. After confirming your youtube channel as well as your all uploaded videos.

How to delete others YouTube video?

There may be various reasons due to which you want to delete someone else’s youtube videos. Maybe you saw yourself on his videos and you don’t want to let other people see you maybe you are in weird clothing or situation or maybe you got pranked badly and don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of friends and relatives. Deleting others youtube video is not as easy as deleting your own videos.

You need proof to delete the videos of others. To delete the video you can follow the below steps.

  1. Firstly try contacting the uploader of the video and ask him to delete the videos by sending a message or commenting on the video.
  2. If he doesn’t accept your request you can get help from youtube support.
  3. Click on the three-dot menu below the video and select the report option.
  4. Select the appropriate option and submit to youtube.
  5. Youtube support will check your report and delete the video if they find your request appropriate.

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