Download CLEO SA apk for Android No root Required

Download CLEO SA apk for Android No root Required


You installed GTA SA on your android phone. But missing the CLEO SA cheats which were available in the PlayStation and PC version of the GTA SA.During Porting the game to Android OS we, unfortunately, lost the custom cheats support in this game.


the Android developers and gamers like us never gave up and found a solution to use the cheats in android GTA SA.All process of installing cheats in GTA SA is done with the help of CLEO cheats.CLEO cheats are usually installed using a third party app called CLEO apk. But in order to install GTA SA CLEO MOD, your phone should be root. Most of the people are not familiar with the typical root method of android.

So below I will describe the method of installing CLEO SA NO ROOT.

If you already have installed the GTA SA on your android phone and you also have root access then you can download the CLEO SA .apk from – here.



In order to install CLEO cheats without root, you will have to download this Mod Android Application of GTA SA which have pre-installed Cleo sa no root.

  1. Download GTA SA CLEO SA No root Apk         –      here
  2. After downloading the above CLEO SA No root Apk you will need to download
  • OBB Data for GTA SA.

  1. In order to run the game, you will need to download the obb data of the GTA San Andreas.
  2. Download GTA SA obb data       – here
  3. Extract the above-downloaded obb file.
  4. After extracting the above obb file you will get a folder named “com.rockstargames.gtasa”.
  5. Move this folder to the SD Card>Android>obb folder. (If obb folder doesn’t exist then create one.)
  • CLEO Scripts for GTA SA Android.

  1. CLEO scripts are the main cheats which are gonna work in this Apk mod.
  2. Download GTA SA Android without root   –   here.
  3. After downloading the above scripts extract them.
  4. Put the extracted files into the SD Card > Android > DATA > “com.rockstargames.gtasa” here.
  5. After Puting the above-downloaded files in the mentioned folder. Install the GTA SA Mod apk downloaded in 1st step and you did it.

“To enter the scripts just swipe down in the middle from top to bottom and Cleo menu will appear. select the required script by taping on it.”



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