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In my opinion, PUBG is a revolution in the mobile gaming industry. Before PUBG the mobile games were about the basic 2d and 3d offline games.Most of the online games were limited to showing the leaderboards. But after the entry of pubg into mobile gaming, definition of online gaming got redefined.

PUBG offers great graphics and a smooth gaming experience simultaneously. The fever of PUBG is so viral that you can hear its name from the mouth of every youth (for of course reasons). PUBG is an open world shooting game which has two mods one is classic and other one is the arcade. Arcade mod has further four modes named:

1.War zone.
3.Quick Match
4.Sniper Training.

Every new player has a confusion selecting the best weapons in PUBG. Below I have listed the best weapons in PUBG depending upon various factors which affect the performance of a gun. In Pubg all guns are categorized in the following groups:-

1.Assault Rifles (AR)
2.Sniper Rifles
3.Light Machine Guns (LMS)
4.Designated marksman rifle(DMR)
5.Shot Guns(SG)
6.Sub Machine Guns (SMG)

The choice of pubg weapons depends upon the war field conditions but most the time carrying an automatic rifle for close calls and a sniper rifle for long range target is preferred.For the calculation details please look at the bottom of table.

[table id=8 /]


1. We have excluded the Shotguns, Pistols, and SMG from the list because of their low versatility.

2. The values are not the exact values because PUBG does not discloses the exact value of their items.

3. You can sort the guns in increasing or decreasing based on four factors by clicking on the top of each column

How we choosed the best Pubg Guns ?

It was not easy for us to decide the best guns in pubg. We simply did some minor calculations and represented those calculations on a table. Below we have explained that how we calculated the results and ranking factors.

Percentage Damage: Damage is the amount of body damage caused by a single shot of particular gun to the player not wearing a vest. To calculate the %age damage we divided the damage of each gun by the damage of the AWM(AWM has max damage among the guns in this list) and multiplied it by 100 (eg. for AKM %age damage is =(49/120)x100 =40.83 %)

Magazine size: Magazine size is the nos of bullets which a gun can fire in a single reload. This is an important factor because reloading a gun takes considerable time and during reloading anyone can attack you. We simply took the nos. of bullets which a gun can hold in a single load.

Percentage speed : Percentage speed is the speed of bullets which is fired through a particular gun. To workout percentage speed of a gun we divided the speed of bullet(in meters/sec) by 100.(eg for AKM %age speed is =715.00/100 = 71.50%)

Percentage of attachments: Attachments are the nos of extra attachments like suppressor, grips, and scopes etc. To calculate the percentage of attachments we divided the no. of attachments a gun can equip by 5(max attachments)(eg. for AKM %age attachments is =(3/6)x100 = 60%

Total Score : Total score is the average of above four factors.

Special Thanks toRishav Sharma for his guidance


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