In this article, you will learn how to root Redmi 4.Xiaomi Redmi 4 was released in India on 23 May 2017 and it rocked Indian smartphone market like its predecessor Redmi 3s.

It comes in 3 variants. 2gb+16gb , 3gb+32gb and 4gb+64gb costing 6999 , 8999 , 11999 respectively.

Well, the code name of Redmi 4 is Santoni for the official development purposes and is known as Redmi 4x in China.

Why Root?

Rooting Android(Redmi 4) is similar to Jailbreaking I-phone. Rooting your Redmi 4 will enable the user to access your device completely.

You can change nearly everything except its hardware components. Rooting will even help you to improve the progress and battery backup of your device.

After rooting redmi 4you will be able to install the unofficial updates and custom ROM you will get the updates to the other un-rooted users.

Step by step guide to Root Redmi 4:

Below are the steps which you need to follow in order to get Root Access on Redmi 4.

  1. Get a bootloader unlock permissions from Xiaomi.(Without unlocking the bootloader you won’t be able to root redmi 4)
  2.  Unlock the bootloader using Mi flash unlock tool.
  3. Flash a custom Recovery eg. TWRP
  4. Install superuser in Redmi 4/Root Redmi 4.

Step 1: Get bootloader unlocking permissions for Redmi 4

Unlocking bootloader is the first step to get root access on any device. Most of the Smartphone manufacturers lock their phone’s bootloader to prevent any kind of modification to their Device.

1.For applying the unlocking permissions visit here.

2. Click on “Unlock Button” at the bottom of the screen.

3. Sign in with the same E-mail and password you are using in the Redmi 4root redmi 4

After logging in they will ask you the reason to unlock the device, fill up the form for the genuine reason.

In my case, I said them that I want to install the MIUI 9 Preview on Redmi 4.

If they find your reason satisfactory then you will get a message on your registered mobile no saying you got unlock permissions.

That’s it !.?

Step 2. Unlock the bootloader using “Mi flash Unlock”

After you got the Unlocking permission from Xiaomi next step is to get the Mi flash unlock tool “Click here to download Mi flash unlock tool”.

After downloading extract the Folder and open the Miflash unlock.exe application.

root Redmi 4

Sign in with the same Phone and Password for which you got the unlock permission.

root Redmi 4

root redmi 4

Coonecting redmi 4 to PC

Enable the developer option in setting of Redmi 4 & to activate USB debugging option

Now switch off your Redmi 4.

Now press volume down+Power button for a while until it enters into Fastboot mode.

root redmi 4

Connect Redmi 4 with PC using the USB cable and click the Unlock button on Mi Flash Unlock tool.

root redmi 4

Press the reboot now button.

Congratulations you have successfully unlocked your Redmi 4.

Step 3: Installing official TWRP recovery on Redmi 4 (Santoni)

A custom recovery is required in your device to install superuser or any custom software in it.

1.In order to flash a custom recovery, you need to download an ADB folder from here.

2. Download the official TWRP recovery from here

3.Download superuser from here

4. Download Lazy flasher here.

If all of the above files are downloaded then proceed to the next steps below:

1.Rename the downloaded recovery as TWRP and put it into the ADB folder.

2. Put Superuser .zip and Lazy flasher I the to the Internal memory of your device.

3.Power of your device.

4.Press the volume down + power button until you enter the fast boot mode.

5.Connect your device to PC using the USB cable.

6.Now open the ADB folder you downloaded above.

7.Press Shift + Right click on empty space. and choose option “open command window here”

root Redmi 4

8. A command window like this will appear.

root Redmi 4

9.Now type ” fastboot devices “

10.It will show you the name of your device.

11.Now type ” flash Fastboot recovery twrp.img “

12.Your device will now boot into TWRP recovery.

13.Allow all the necessary permissions to it.

14. Choose “Install” option in TWRP recovery and choose the superuser file in your Internal memory.(Superuser is an android app which will enable the root access in redmi 4.

15. After flashing Superuser again install the lazy flasher tool and hit reboot after that.

Now after following all the steps, you have successfully Unlocked your device or you can say you rooted Redmi 4.

If you still have any issues let me know in the Comment Section below.


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