Google dorks for credit card


“Dorks stands for a stupid person who doesn’t know what he is doing”

Google Dork is basically is a set of commands which sets filters in the Google search results.

By inserting these set of commands in the Google search bar one can get the results according to his need.

These codes in return can give you Login pages, Admin Panel of websites and Username & Passwords etc.

Google is well aware of the ill effects of its dorks but these are necessary to show relevant results to the normal users.

Hackers use Google Dorks to get vulnerable information which the only Google knows.

All I said above may sound easy but it needs a lot of research and luck to get success. To get the credit card details using Google dorks I have divided this article into two parts.

Step 1: Find Vulnerable Sites Using Google Dorks

We will use Google Dorks for getting credit card details by simply filtering the Search results containing the saved credit cards details.

Type the below code into your Google Search Bar:-


Wondering what this weird thing is?

This is a basic Google dork code to get info about Paypal credit card.

Simply “inurl:” will filter the Google search results with websites having  ” .php?cat “.

Whereas the intext will filter the search results containing the text”Paypal“.

After searching for the above Google Dork you will get a ton of websites containing various details about the Paypal payments.

The above Google dork is not only the single and most relevant Google Dork, there are a lot of others.

inurl:”.php?id=” intext:”Chekout”

inurl:”.php?id=” intext:”/Buy now/”

inurl:”.php?id=” intext:”/Payment Successful/”

inurl:”.php?id=” intext:”/Delivery address/”

inurl:”.php?id=” intext:”/Payment method/”

inurl:”.php?id=” intext:”/store/”

inurl:”.php?id=” intext:”/Delivery time/”

inurl:”.php?id=” intext:”/add to kart/”

inurl:”.php?id=” intext:”/Proceed to payment/”

inurl:”.php?id=” intext:”/Keep shoping/”

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When entering these Google Dorks for credit card details you can get  a warning from Google like below:Google dork for credit card

Don’t worry, fill the Captcha and you are good to go again.

Step 2: Use SQL Injection to Login after getting the Google Dorks for credit card detail:

Google dorks for credit card

SQL is the common hacking technique used in cracking the logging insecurities.

Injecting a SQL code can bypass the username and password verification by sending a specific code instead of the real username and password.

Suppose you have got a list of websites using Google dorks which you are gonna use to get credit card details of people.

Go to the login page of a particular website and instead of entering the Email Id and password fill both fields with

” or “”=”

After entering the above code press the login button. If your luck is with you have chances of getting logged in into someone’s account.

NOTE: Above topic is only for educational purpose and we don’t appreciate any kind of illegal activities using Google Dorks.



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