How to Make Clay In Little Alchemy 2

Alchemy is transforming one substance into another, which is getting more popular in video games. We can find different games that use this process. Such games are not only meant for kids, but all age group of player enjoys them. Another reason for the popularity of Alchemy games is crafting, which is now initiated in the games, and players love it. 

Little Alchemy 2 game is to form a variety of objects in the game with the help of four substances: air, water, earth, and fire. Initially, you’ll enjoy the game as there is an easy combination you can use to form an object, but as you proceed, you’ll notice that a more complex combination is required to form different objects. 

Several objects in the game need a complex combination, but clay is the object that requires the highest complexity of combination among all. It is a significant object essential to move further in the game. Though we know that it is as tough as math’s formula, we will solve this for you and will tell you step-by-step solutions of How to Make Clay In Little Alchemy 2. Keep Reading!

What is the best method to make clay in Little Alchemy 2?

Different methods require numerous steps in the Alchemy 2 game, but we have developed the more efficient method. In this method, you can form several items like Lava, Mud, and Stone to get the clay in the game. To get the clay, all you have to do is to take mud and amalgamate it with stone. To understand more clearly, we have dropped down the detailed method.

  • Earth + Water = Mud
  • Earth + Fire = Lava
  • Air + Lava = Stone
  • Mud + Stone = Clay

All procedures to form clay in the Little Alchemy 2 game

There are several methods to form clay in the game, and we have already informed you of one best method; we will not limit you to only one method, but there are nine other methods you can use if you like rather than opting for the method we told you earlier. Below are other possible methods to make clay in the little Alchemy 2 game.

  1. Mineral + Rock = Clay
  2. Mud + Stone = Clay
  3. Earth + Fire = Lava = Clay
  4. Mineral + Sand = Clay
  5. Liquid + Stone = Clay
  6. Air + Lava = Stone = Clay
  7. Mud + Sand = Clay
  8. Earth + Water = Mud = Clay
  9. Mineral + Stone = Clay
  10. Liquid + Rock = Clay

What is the fastest method to get the clay in Alchemy 2 game?

If you have initiated with four base items, then a player can easily reach the clay with an array of four couple of item combinations.

  • Firstly, to get the mud, all you have to do is to join the earth with water.
  • Secondly, you must use earth again by amalgamating it with fire to form lava. 
  • After getting lava, you have to let the lava cool with air to form a stone. Hence, remember that cooling with water will form steam which does not require in such cases. 
  • Lastly, all you have to do now is combine the mud and the stone to make clay.

What are the other Possible Clay Formulae?

In Alchemy 2, there are numerous possible methods through which you can form a clay; determining all the methods is fun in the game. There are seven different ways through which you can get recipes. 

  • Mud and Stone
  • Mud and Sand
  • Stone and Liquid
  • Stone and Mineral
  • Sand and Mineral
  • Liquid and Rock
  • Rock and Mineral

What is the use of clay?

In the Little Alchemy 2 game, the use of clay is brickmaking. By mixing clay with water, brick can be formed. When you combine two bricks, a wall can be formed, and if you add more bricks, a house gets formed. Moreover, clay is also a myth fixture through which living being is carved clay. Little Alchemy 2 shows it in a couple of its methods.



To make clay in Little Alchemy 2, combine mud and sand. This game offers fun and creative way to explore the possibilities of combining different elements. It’s a great puzzle game which exercises your brain and provides hours of entertainment for all age groups.


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