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Ghost Simulator is an adventure game developed by Roblox. The storyline of this game is classic, The world is surrounded by various ghosts and player has to defend the world by fighting ghosts and their bosses. This game has maps and the difficulty level increases when you make progress.

In the game, you have to capture various ghosts after defending them. You will have some weapons which also can be upgraded as you make progress in the game.

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How to enter Ghost Simulator Codes.

To enter the above code in ghost simulator just click on the twitter icon at the top left corner of your screen. Enter the above codes in the inserted column and you will get your pet and other effects as described in the table above

ghost simulator codes 2020

After entering the above-listed codes in the game you will get the resources mentioned in front of them. Each pet that you will get will help in capturing the ghost easily.

Ghost Simulator Gameplagamey.

Ghost simulator is a game created by BloxBytegames, In the game, you have to visit various maps and suck the monsters with a vacuum weapon. After capturing the Ghosts you will get Ectoplasm which you can get converted into the game gems.

The whole game is divided into numbers of maps, There is a total of 10 maps that may increase during special events. You need to level up your antenna (Level)  in order to unlock the next maps. Players’ antenna gets upgraded after collecting antenna parts from Ghosts. As you make progress in the maps,  these become more difficult with increased numbers of ghosts to capture.

With the Pets that you will redeem after entering the above ghost simulator codes, it will become easier for you to capture the ghost easily. Whereas hoverboard helps you to move around the maps with more speed.

(Note: These codes get expired after a certain time, to remain updated with the latest ghost simulator codes you can follow Roblox Games, Twitter Page) 


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