How To Activate Smart SIM 2023

Congratulations! You’ve got your new smart SIM card. But, are you looking for the right ways to know how to activate smart SIM 2023? Worry no more! While buying any smart SIM, your SIM is already upgraded with its network. You just need to follow some ways to activate your SIM card and enjoy the performance. 

With a few simple steps, you can leverage the benefits of smart communication’s nationwide 4G/LTE and 5G networks. This article is all about understanding “how to activate smart SIM 2023” so that the performance and speed of mobile Internet are at their best. Let’s get started!

Know How To Activate Smart SIM

Turn ON Mobile Data

A mobile data connection is the initial step in activating your smart SIM. Before turning on mobile data and connecting to a mobile data network, first, insert your new SIM card into your phone. Second, open your smartphone’s browser and go to Google or another website.

Anytime your SIM is connected to their network, Smart will instantly detect it and will send you a welcome text message. A text message informing you of your 300MB of free data will also be sent to you.

Activating Through Balance Enquiry 

Next, to understand “how to activate smart SIM 2023,” you can also check your balance. If turning on mobile data isn’t working, you can manually activate your SIM by following the instructions below.

Step 1: Put your phone’s Smart Prepaid SIM LTE or 5G into place.

Step 2: Choose one of the following three techniques to activate your SIM:

  1. By SMS – Text the number ?1515 to 214 to inquire about your balance. This service is provided for free.
  1. By USSD – USSD is a method for managing your Smart Prepaid or Postpaid account, signing up for prepaid load promotions, purchasing load, or checking your balance. 

Free balance inquiries can also be made using a subscriber USSD (Unicode). Make a call to *143# and select Balance/Services > Check Balance to activate your Smart prepaid SIM. You will see your balance in real-time and get a text message congratulating you on joining the Smart network.

Smart’s website advises calling *214#. However, when you do, you get the message “Connection difficulty or invalid MMI code.” Use *143# in its place since it appears that the previously mentioned USSD code is no longer valid.

  1. By Call – Making a call is the final method for requesting information about your balance and knowing “how to activate smart SIM 2023”. 

Dial 1515 and tap Call. Once you’ve called, an automated voice prompt and response will be heard. Also, you’ll get a text message with your balance information. Your Smart SIM will shortly be activated. Remember that this approach is P1 for each successful call and that it is NOT free.

Step 3: Smart Network will send you a text message to greet you and validate your load balance. Smart will provide you with 300MB of Complimentary mobile internet data as soon as your account is activated!


To use the network services offered by Smart Prepaid, you must activate your Smart SIM card. It only takes a few basic steps to activate a Smart SIM, which is a quick and straightforward process. Now when you’ve understood “how to activate smart SIM 2023”, select the SIM card type of your choice and benefit from the welcome bonuses during activation.


How can I tell if my smart SIM is activated?

Your Smart SIM is active if you can make a connection to your network provider after inserting the sim into your mobile device. You can also try calling your SIM number from a different phone to see whether it responds with an error message or an inaccessible number. You’ll know by that point if your SIM has already registered in the network.

How long does it take for a Smart SIM card to activate?

  • The activation of a Smart Prepaid SIM will take place instantly, in real-time, between 30 seconds to 5 minutes.
  • Your new Smart Postpaid SIM will be activated within 24 to 48 hours of purchase.

What can I do if my SIM card has run out of time?

Do you doubt that your SIM card is expired? Your SIM card’s validity can be quickly and simply verified by turning on the Smart SIM balance enquiry. To achieve this, dial *123# on your keypad, choose 9 from the menu and then choose 2 for balance. Your balance should be verified by text message.


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