How to use Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is an android app which is used to bypass the in-app Purchases in android apps and games. It is also extremely useful in bypassing the License verification process of some paid android apps. It also works as an ad blocker, it can block the google ads in the android apps. In this guide, we will describe ” how to use lucky patcher” to hack in-app purchases of android games and apps. So let’s get started.

Note: In order to run Lucky Patcher Properly your android phone must be rooted.  Some features may not work properly on the Un-rooted android phone.

Lucky Patcher app is not available on the Google play store due to its hacking features. But you can find Lucky patcher from here.

Follow these steps:-

1. So first download the Lucky Patcher android app from here

2.After downloading the ” lucky patcher installer “from the above link install it.

3. After installation open the app and it will ask you for some permission, grant those permissions to lucky patcher installer.

how to use lucky patcher

4. Now the installer will ask you to install the main lucky patcher app and tap yes.

lucky patcher

5. After installing the main lucky patcher app ignore the security warning of google play store saying”this app can harm your device”

How to use Lucky Patcher

6. Open the lucky patcher app and grant Root Permission to it. Now let it Gather all the patches and packages.

How to use Lucky Patcher

7. You will see a list of system+user apps installed in your device.

8. Select an application you want to patch for in-app purchase hack(“Subway surfer” in my case).

9. You will see a list of various option in the menu, Tap on “Menu of Patches”

How to use Lucky Patcher
How to use Lucky Patcher

10. A new window like below will appear, click on “Support Patch for InApp and LVL emulation”.

How to use Lucky Patcher

11. After this, you will see four option, check the first two options and hit “apply” button

How to use Lucky Patcher

12. Now the application will process your request (it may even take up to 5 minutes).

How to use Lucky Patcher

13. Now it will show you the Probability of getting success. (You are ready to go now.)

How to use Lucky Patcher

14. Open the app you recently patched and go to the store menu to purchase the items.

15. When you will click, on any item to purchase a pop up of lucky patcher like below will appear.

How to use Lucky Patcher

16. Click “Yes” button and you made it.

So this was the guide on “How to use Lucky Patcher app”.If you still have any dought or anything goes wrong just drop a comment below or fill the “contact us“.

Note: ” Lucky patcher app can be easily installed on unrooted android phones but some features will need root access to work normally ”

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