The success of a mobile app depends on several factors. Some factors are concerned with user accessibility while some focus on generating more sales. However, at times remarkably designed apps fail to perform as well. The inability to cater to user requirements makes the app launch an unsuccessful venture.

The advent of mobile technology is allowing individuals to utilize mobile apps as a platform to establish their business propositions, products, and services. Customer retention rate, generating sales and user engagement are a few of the reason why businesses now resort to creating a mobile app. With these being the reasons to have an app, many forget the reasons that could cause an app’s failure. The standard criterion set to judge an app’s success is the number of downloads user engagement and app design. Despite having these functionalities mobile apps still fail.

How to Make Sure an App Does Not Fail

IOS and Android are two of the most popular mobile app operating systems. The Apple App Store currently has over 2 million apps making it one of the two leading app stores on a global scale. IOS app platform provides developers with a simpler app development environment with quality functionalities. The coding process of IOS apps is not only easy but it is less costly to develop IOS apps compared to Android.

Having 2 million apps on a single app store is not a small number and for that reason, the demand for having an IOS app is significantly increasing. However, making an app is a difficult venture. You have to give attention to every single intricacy and requirement of your app. If you do not then you will leave several loopholes in the development lifecycle of an app.

Many important aspects require attention to avoid limitations and deficiencies in an app. Here are the major factors that lead to a successful app launch.

Clear and Concise Requirements

Before commencing the development of an app, it is important to identify the need behind its creation. Every business has different propositions and offerings, therefore, you should make a plan comprising of what benefits your app will bring to your audience. How you are different from your competitors and what unique selling proposition your business will put forward.

Mobile apps that are made without any planning fail to earn their desired stature. Your app might now have any flaws but how you execute that idea matters the most. Before creating an app, you need to formulate your app budget, target audience, their demographic and the time required for its completion. Competitor analysis is also important as you can avoid the inadequacies and loopholes found in your competitor’s work.

Keep App Originality Intact

The possibility of the existence of mobile apps having the same functionalities and features as your app is not low. Research is not only important for a competitor analysis instead it is required to find whether the app you intend to make already exists or not. Even if it does exist, you should know how to incorporate a unique value proposition into it. There are several ride-sharing apps like Uber but not every such car-booking app has earned a reputable name in its relevant industry.

After competitor inspection, setting up a unique business case is essential. With the world constantly facing digitalization, your business needs to have a reputable and unique online identity. Making it possible is only by molding your business propositions according to the preferences of your target audience.

Proper Monetization Method

Monetization methods for both the Android and IOS are similar. Freemium apps and in-app advertising work for Android apps while premium and in-app purchasing is a suitable monetization approach for IOS apps. The development phase of an app does not end after its launch. Your app is made for a certain purpose but it should also generate revenue itself. You cannot incorporate every single monetization strategy in a single app but finding the right technique will assist you in generating more revenue.

Having a revenue stream is essential for any further need for development or changes in your app. Proper utilization of mobile app monetization can also build a reputable position of your app and in turn improve your credibility in front of your audience.


You can save your time, efforts and money from going to waste by conducting adequate research, planning, execution, incorporating monetization methods and never compromising on the quality of your app. The expertise of IOS app developers is shown by their skill to not only come up with an exceptional mobile app idea but also be well prepared to face any shortcomings in the development of an app.


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