Secret mobile codes

what are mobile secret codes? How to use the secret codes of mobiles?

secret codes of mobile smartphones are used to seek information about mobile by dialing some secrets codes in the dialer. This is like a hack on your own phone. I know this sounds crazy to hack your own smartphone but the truth is that there is some information which can only be seen using these codes. Suppose you are buying a new phone and you want to test that smartphone for all kind of functionality or you want to know about hardware spec of the phone then these codes can help you in doing that

How to use the secret codes in mobiles phones-:

Using these codes is very simple, you just need to dial the codes like you dial the other numbers to call anyone. You just need to dial on the dial pad.

Don’t panic when number disappear after dialing it takes time to process your command. After the process, you will see the result and information you requested









All these codes are tested by me on my Samsung phone. I  think it may be useful to all of you guys.

Here, I’m giving you the list of different codes with their uses

[table id=9 /]

These are the different types of codes these can drive the many problems in your phones by just knowing these.

Comment below if you get the result and also if you face any problems.


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