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What is dream 11 and how to earn money with dream 11

If you guys want to earn money and your luck is with you then Dream11 is the best application for you. Dream11 is an online betting application on cricket and many other sports. This application is the most trending application for betting. If you are lucky enough then you can make a good amount of money.

How to use dream 11

  1. You have to choose players which will play in the game.

2. You can choose the players on both sides.

3. You will earn points based on their performance(better the performance better you will earn)

Download the application -: Click here Dream11 app.

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Let us get started the earning topic, we will discuss how it works,what are the rules(a.k.a. point system of Dream11) and how will you earn from dream 11 along with some winning proofs

To earn some money you should have good knowledge of sports. If you have good knowledge of sports and sports players then it will be easy for you to earn from the Dream11.

Now I will tell you guys how this works and how to get started but firstly, use the free money which is you will get after entering the referral code we mentioned above and start winning without investing.

After using the Dream11 referral code, you will get Rs 100 and I will also get some share. After registering your account you can also earn by sharing your own referral code.

How Dream11 works -:

There are some steps to gets started in Dream11.

  1. Select a match -:

Select any upcoming match from any of the sports series.

  1. Create your team -:

By using your sports knowledge choose the team players. In the team, there are four categories. Wicket-keeper, Batsman, Bowlers, All-rounder. You have 100 credit only and players are differ by the credits, good players are of more credits. Then you have to choose the player wisely.

  1. Select your team captain or vice-captain -:

After creating the team, you have to choose the captain and vice-captain in your team. You will get the twice points for the captain and 1.5X for the vice-captain.

  1. Join the team in the match -:

Join the match or cash contest to win the bet and show your earning skill.

  1. Withdraw your winning -:

Withdraw your winning at the end of the contest. They require one-time verification to your account which is easy as the registration.

Point system of every sports activity in Dream11-:

The point system shows how the players get their point by their performance. All the points table of every sports game is given in this link -:

Click here -: Point tables in game.

Some tips for getting lucky -:

Always start the game or join the contest after the toss of the match. Because after the toss both teams launch their players’ name which will play the match.

See the previous points of the players then choose the right one.

After all of that, you guys need to have a piece of good luck because the 1stprize is the bigger amount.

I just prefer the mega contest because the prize is a lot huge and if you are lucky then try it off if you are not lucky then also try it because luck can be changed in a sec. you just have faith or not but something is waiting for you behind your present. Meaning to say just try to give a shot who knows what comes, and if something has gone then what is gone again I said use the referral money. Referral code is provided above. I also provide it here -: KUMARH880BC

That is also getting exciting when it comes close to the reward.


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