Best music streaming apps in india

Its the era of faster and affordable internet connections which enables users to listen online songs instead of downloading and storing them locally on their device. Thanks to the jio 4G revolution which made high speed internet connection available at relatively cheap plans in India. Now a days no one wants to crowd their phone storage with offline songs everyone loves to listen new songs online. Youtube is a good way to listen to latest songs but what if you only want to listen to audio songs.

The first idea which strikes in your mind is online streaming apps but wait a minute have you ever thought which music streaming app is best for you ?

No .. ?

Don’t worry below we have compiled the list of best music streaming apps in India.


Gaana is a popular and versatile music app, it has a collection of all types of songs. It had now also become a banner and is releasing songs which are becoming big hits in India. Like other music apps, it is free to use and you can also play offline songs in it. The best part which I like about Gaana music app is its customizable equalizer and an auto sleep timer. I am a type of person who needs to listen to some melodious songs before going to bed an I often fall asleep with music playing. which results in battery drain and wastage of mobile internet data. But thanks to its auto sleep feature you only need to set the sleep time and it will auto stop the music.

A dedicated option to lyrics is also present in this app which enables a user to read the lyrics of the song playing in the background. Almost lyrics of every song which is available on Gaana are available over this app. In addition to the lyrics option, one gets the option of viewing videos of the related song directly from youtube. It also has the option to customize the theme of app and switch between day and night mode.It has the in-app ads but those ads are smartly managed which doesn’t ruin the music experience of the listener.

Main Features

  • Wide collection of Songs.
  • Customizable UI
  • Free to use.
  • Sleep timer
  • Identifies the song playing in background

2. Wynk music.


best music streaming apps wynk


Wynk app was launched last year by Bharati Airtel. Despite being released by a telecom company wynk got a massive no. of users.Wynk music has an option to download the songs and play them offline(which is still missing from some major music streaming apps). The songs in these music apps are of different qualities and plays in suitable quality depending on the speed of your internet connection. The collection of songs on wynk is really awesome and you can easily find any song on it. A premium version of wynk is also available which doesn’t contains ads. The songs in wynk music app are gethered on the basis of types, moods, languages, artists and decades. You can listen to a particular type of songs depending on your preferences.You can use wynk app as your default music player as it is capable of playing local offline songs stored in your device.It also have a feature to share the downloaded songs to friends without internet connection.

Main Features

  • Categories wise collection of songs
  • Free to use
  • In built equilizer
  • Share music offline across devices
  • Free unlimited downloads

3.Jio Saavn


best music streaming apps jio music


The increasing popularity of music streaming app is all due to the affordable and pocket-friendly internet plans of jio. Jio music app is in list not because it is presented by jio but is stand s here because of its features and a huge collection of songs. Previously ad-free savan was called jio music but due to maintenance issue jio rebranded it as “jio Savan’.The overall UI of this app is very much identical to the original “Savan” app , but you get some additional features. You can set any song as your jio sim’s caller tune for free which is a great advantage of this jio music app. Overall songs of jio music app and gaana are merged into this app which makes the songs collection even batter.Jio music app is free for all jio prime users and other telecom users get a free 90 days trial after which they need to buy this app.

Main Features

  • Feature to set caller tune.
  • Free to use for jio Prime members
  • Can be used to play local songs.
  • Categories based playlists.
  • Unlimited downloads for offline use

4.Hungama Music


Best music streaming apps hungama


Hungama is not only a music streaming app but it also features videos and radio.Hungama is absolutely free to use. The only down side is its popup ads which covers the entire mobile screen and comes very often. Otherwise the app is extremely handy and easy to use.
The songs in this app are gathered based on various categories like year,mood,language and type.

Main Features

  • Both video and audio players.
  • Radio
  • Download specific song
  • wide variety of songs
  • Refer and earn



Best music streaming app saavan


There are some obvious reasons which makes Saavn fall in the category of best music streaming apps. Saavn music gives you the gathered collection of songs throughout the languages. You can set you a particular type preferred music quality depending upon your data connection speed. It also has a built-in data saver by turning it on you can actually limit the data usage. It also had an inbuilt equaliser with different preset. Like other apps it also has a pro version available which gives user access to unlimited downloads and a completely ad-free experience.

Main Features

  • Free as well as a paid pro version
  • Clean user interface
  • offline music player
  • RadioAvailable in all major languages

6.Google Play Music.



If you are an android user then you get google play music along with your device by default. It is also available for iOS devices but you cant buy an song to play it offline. Whereas in android devices you can get a monthly or annual subscription of google play music which enables user to listen unlimited songs. One can also buy a specific song to play it offline from google play store.

In the free version of google play music, you can’t listen to the songs but you can use its radio feature with a limited nun of skips (6 skips per hour) which is a little kind of disappointment. Google claims to have 40 million songs on their platform. The UI of google play music is material and clean. You can play the local offline songs which are stored on your device without any subscription.

Main Features

  • More then 40 million songs
  • Free Radio
  • Excellent offline music player
  • option to skip radio stations
  • Ability to buy a specific song

7.Amazon Prime music.



Amazon the online shoping giant has also stepped in online music streaming industry. It offers a wide variety of songs under its prime subscription. You can buy the amazon prime membership at 129₹/month or can try a 30 day free memebership. But you will need to enter your credit card details same like netflix to get this free 30 days trial.

Once you have purchased the amazon prime membership you will be able to download the songs and get a completely ad-free experience.

Main Features

  • Affordable Subscription
  • Huge collection of songs
  • Download specific song
  • Amazon prime membershipRefer and earn




Spotify is a big name in online music streaming apps but sadly it is not available in India at this time. In India you even can”t find it on play store . You will need to search google for its apk file. It is not not available officially in india but you can easily find many indian songs in it.

If I am asked for the best music streaming app worldwide then surely I would have putted the spotify on first place.

Main Features

  • View lyrics.
  • Ability to play local songs
  • Videos
  • Spoify RadioShuffle Play

9. SoundCloud.

This app is very famous on the international platforms and considered as a direct competitor of Spotify. Like I said for Spotify this app is also very good for international songs but somehow lacks in providing a large collection of local Indian songs.

The homepage of this app is simple and contains a variety of songs gathered according to their types. To listen to the local Indian songs you either have to search the song or you can follow the artists. It is very much similar to “musically” app because it also provides the option to upload songs yourself. The difference between musically app and SoundCloud app is SoundCloud lets you sell your songs directly to your listeners. You can make your own profile and other people will be able to follow and listen to songs you upload.

The things which I didn’t like in this app is its simple homepage which gets updated rarely and only shows the international songs. The second thing which can disappoint the listener is the option available for artists to upload a 30 seconds preview of their song. You will have to purchase the song to listen to the full-length song.

Main Features

  • View lyrics.
  • Ability to download.
  • Follow the artist.
  • Upload your own songs.


Shazam is a way different than other music streaming software. It is better known for its music recognition capabilities than music streaming services. The app lets you recognize any song playing in the background. Gaana app has a similar feature but Shazam does it a way better.
It also has a camera scanning option by using which the listener can scan the bar codes and logos of Shazam to listen to a song. However, it can accurately recognize the music but to play the entire song it needs third-party app like Apple music or Google Play Music.

Main Features

  • View lyrics.
  • Recognize any song.
  • Songs based on choice.
  • Scan for songs.

So the list of best music streaming apps in India ends here. Hope you will find the best app according to your need. If you have some suggestion or want any rectification please let us know in the comment section below.


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