Blog vs vlog

Today when someone thinks about starting a new business or a secondary source of income he comes up with two most common ideas.
First one is YouTube Channel and second one is Blogging. From few past years due to availability of high speed internet and rising popularity of YouTube youth is getting attracted towards it but it doesn’t mean that we can neglect Blogging either.

Below we will discuss the main difference between blogging and youtube which will help you to choose right carrier for yourself.

Initial Cost(Blog vs Vlog.)

Blog vs vlog

Youtube will not charge anything from you to create a channel means you can create a youtube channel for free.The only investment you need is a studio setup but it is not compulsory, you can record your videos on mobile and can directly share them from mobile.However if you want the professional type quality in your videos then you have to buy a DSLR camera , A mic and an efficient PC to edit those videos. These all will cost you around 70k INR(A big investment.)Apart from all these setup you will need to a high speed internet connection to upload large videos on YouTube.

Whereas to start a blog either you can use a free blogger or WordPress domain but it is always better to buy a .com domain. A (.com) domain will cost around 1000INR/year. You can host your website for free on Blogger or if you want to use WordPress then you need to buy a shared or dedicated hosting.A shared hosting will cost you around 150-500 INR/month (depending upon plans of hosting provider.). You can easily update the blogs from a 2g network connection.

Who pays more blogging or vlogging ?

blog vs vlog who pays more

In both youtube and blogging, one needs to run ads on their channel or website. You will get paid for the ad views and ads clicked on your channel or website.

In youtube the owner gets more money for ads shown as compared to blogging. The revenue generated via Youtube ads also depends that whether the user skipped the ad or completely played the ad. More the people will spend time viewing ads via your channel more the money you earn.On average a youtuber earns around 4-5 dollars for 1000 ad views.

In the case of website ads you get money for the ads clicked as well as ad views. The revenue generated through clicks depends on the CPC(cost per click) of ads clicked.
On an average a blogger earns 1-1.5$ per 1000 views.

How much time does it takes to get page views Blog vs Vlog ?

Whether it is youtube or blogging these both needs patience as well as hard-work and motivation.

In youtube, the goal is to get popular and subscribers. The numbers of views are directly influenced by the number of subscribers. This is the reason most of the youtubers ask the viewer to subscribe to their channel in every video. The subscriber gets a notification when the channel they subscribed uploads a new video. The SEO(search engine optimization) is simple to do. You get placed in ranking based upon your name and meta tags. Youtube gives the user the ability to sort videos according to various factors like time, page views and video duration etc. This means that apart from the keywords a viewer can also view your videos by applying the above factors.

Whereas in blogging user have no control over what Google is showing them in top. It totally depends upon the google ranking factors which decides where to rank a website for a particular query.Admin can do the on page and off page seo which helps Google in understanding that for what queries your website should rank.

Skills Required (Blog vs Vlog)

blog vs vlog

As you know youtube is a video streaming website and only plays videos. A YouTuber should be capable enough to perform some basic video editings. Apart from the video editing skill a YouTubers should have some good communication skills.

Whereas blogging is all about writing.A blogger should be able to express his thoughts via writing.SEO is a little tricky in blogging as compared to YouTube.A blogger needs to do the SEO of his blog post at regular intervals to remain in the top position of SERP.

What makes you famous( Blog vs Vlog.)

blog vs vlog popularity

A YouTuber gets popular because he is always present in his videos. A YouTuber becomes a celebrity by his overall presence. The success of a youtube channel is greatly influenced by the personality and verbal communication skills of the YouTuber.

Whereas in blogging there is no direct appearance of the author in the blogs. People are fan of your writing style and the information you provide to them. Most of the people even dont care who is the author of blog they only care about the content (content is king in blogging).

What the audience wants in your Niche ?

blog vs vlog what public wants in your niche

The choice between blogging and vlogging also depends upon your niche.If you have content which needs to be shown to user inorder to understand it better then youtube is for you.For example if your niche is cooking,nitting,Arts,Travel,Home decoration and gaming then you should think about YouTube.

If your content is about how to tutorials , coding, reviews, news, deals , which needs to be expressed by writing then you should go for blogging.
What the people use in your targeted country
Most of the YouTube channel are locally targeted. It is always important to check that at what scale the people use to watch YouTube. If the YouTube is not that popular in your targeted area or niche then Blogging worths to be considered.

Your Personal interest :

I must say despite of all the above factors the choice of blogger vs youtube is greatly influenced by your personal choice. To work on any of these two platforms once you need to ask yourself that whether you can work on that without getting bored. Also, analyze whether you have enough content ideas to run your website or YouTube channel in long term.

Closing words.

Choosing the right option in blogging vs YouTube is not enough you need to do hard-work and stay motivated in order to be successful. Any questions or appreciation is welcome in the comment section below.


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