Play YouTube music in background

The new era is online, downloading and storing music on your device is an old thing now. People over the world prefer streaming music online rather than storing them locally on their devices. There are a number of options available to listen to music online but none of them actually actually serves the purpose well. Some platforms like Spotify, saavan, and shazam are a great choice for listeners but somewhere all these names lack behind when compared with Youtube. Some time ago youtube introduced there dedicated music streaming platform named ” YouTube Music “.

Youtube music as the name hints concentrates on the music version of videos that are already available on Youtube. You can find nearly every song in music format whichever is available on Youtube. Youtube music has a separate app for android device which gives an excellent choice of song in a variety of regions.

The main drawback of this app is that you cant turn off your screen when playing songs on YouTube music like the main YouTube app. One possible way to play music in the background in the Youtube music app is to buy a premium subscription of Youtube music but below we are gonna share the free method to play Youtube music songs in the background.

Steps to play songs in the background in the Youtube music android app.

1. Uninstall the previous version of the youtube music app , if it is already installed on your android device.

2. Install the latest version of the Youtube music app from the play store. (Just install the app do not open it)

3. Download and install the lucky patcher app, you can follow this Guide.

4. Open lucky patcher and grant root access to it.

5. Now navigate to the youtube music app inside the list of lucky patcher.

6. Click on the YouTube music app and it will show you a number of options.

7. Select Custoplay youtube music in backgroundm patch and in the list of custom patches select one which says music in the background.

play music in backfround

8. After selecting click on the patch button and wait for the process to finish.

9. Upon completion of the process, you will get a modified YouTube music app that is now capable to play music in background.


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