Reduce moz spam score

Those people who are in the Blogging or SEO are very much familiar with the name MOZ. MOZ’s PA and DA scales are extremely useful in determining the backlink profile of a website. Last year MOZ launched its spam score scale which rates every website on a scale of 1-17 where 1 is low and 17 spam score is highest. More the spam score of MOZ more are the chances of getting penalized from Google. Apart from the Google penalties if you are an SEO agent or sells links from your website then you may be in trouble as the spam score is transferred from one website to other.
For example, suppose “website A” has a spam score of 10″ and the owner of “website B” gets a backlink from “Website A”.
In the above scenario “website a”transfers its link juice as well as spam score to the “website B”. The owner of website B will surely not want to gain the spam score.

reduce moz spam score

How the spam score of a website is calculated.

during calculation of spam score of a website, Moz considers various factor. There are total 17 nos. of factors, moz calls these flags. The no. of flags which a site has been called as Spam score. Following are the 17 factors which are taken into account during calculations of spam score of a particular website.
1. Low moz trust
2.Large site with few links.
3.Low site link diversity.
4. Low ratio of do follow and no follow links.
5. The ratio of follow and no follow referring domains.
6.Small Proportion of branded links.
7. Smaller length of content
8. High Ratio of visible text as compared to HTML and Java Scripts.
9. Subdomain has a large no. of External links.
10.Low no. of internal links.
11. A high ratio of anchor text.
12.High nos. of external links.
13.No contact information
14. Low nos. of valid pages.
15. TLD Correlated with Spam Domains.
16. Domain name length is more than average.
17. Domain name contains numbers


How to reduce moz spam score of a website.

To reduce the MOZ Spam score You may try removing the above 17 flags. But wait this is not AHREF.
MOZ crawls the website at a very slow rate and after crawling your website the reduction in spam score is not for sure.

In my case, the Spam score of my website was 8/17. By struggling for almost a year I finally managed to remove the cause of every single flag.

After fixing these flag I waited for a year waiting that my spam score will decrease one day. But the Spam score remained consistent.
After getting disappointed a thought strikes my mind. The thought was,

“why not change the whole URL structure of my website”

but this was not a good idea because it would have vanished my all Google ranking and would have changed the permalink of a website.
So after a couple of days, I changed the WordPress URL instead of the whole permalink structure of my website like below.
suddenly after doing this, my spam score became zero and also my rankings remained same.

reduce moz spam score

How to change the basic Permalink structure in word-press.

To change the Permalink structure of a wordpress website go to Setting->General and change both wordpress and site URL.

Your Spam Score should be Nil Now.


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