Ben Mallah Net Worth

People in the USA make millions from the real estate business. Ben Mallah is the prime example, which we will discuss in detail below. He made a lot by trading in real estate. He is an inspiration for other passionpreneurs and entrepreneurs across the world. Ben is the real deal when explaining the scenario or case study of rags to riches. And as per recent research, Ben Mallah net worth in 2023 is $250 million. Read his net worth, assets, and other information below. 

Ben Mallah’s Early Life History

Ben is originally from Queens (New York). He had three siblings and grew up there with them in a very rocky childhood. Their parents were living mediocre lives as his mother was a nurse, and his father was a factory worker. They were literally poor and had no extra source of income to raise the family of 6 members.

The neighborhood was also very notorious as it had a very high crime rate. So, Ben couldn’t get his upbringing in a very rich or suitable community. That is how he had to learn how to hustle and make money out of people by age 14. It was a fundamental matter of survival there for him during those days. Thus, he dropped out of school without thinking about his future plans. Ben mallah net worth starts surging from his early career and successful in making a profitable business.

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Ben Mallah’s Life Ahead

He served in the US army after turning 18 and was stationed in Germany first before getting back to Oakland, California. He found different gigs or jobs to move around and earned his keep when he went there. At one point, he was also a garbage collector where he lived. 

After a while, his landlord helped him and made him a property manager. This was one of the turning points in his life to redefine his net worth in the coming years. He became the manager of different buildings at Wilton’s Marwil Investments. By working there, Ben got the experience he needed to foray into the real estate business later. 

Ben Mallah’s Business Venture

He opened a new business, “Equity Management Partners, Inc,” in 1990. By now, he knew how to flip houses or at least abandoned buildings in California. He made a lot of profit doing that. With one deal after another, he kept making the profit he needed to make it big with his hustling attitude. 

In 2012, he sold a hotel at double the price. That is when his level and expertise in flipping the properties upgraded. He started investments in hotel properties from thereon. His hotel franchises included:

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  • Sheraton Suites Fort Lauderdale
  • Sheraton Suites Tampa Airport Westshore
  • Ramada Tampa Airport Westshore
  • Sheraton Orlando International Drive

According to the other news article, Ben owned 7 hotels in 2012. At present ben mallah net worth stands at $250M from hotel business alone.

After his continuous series of investments and success stories, he opened a website to spread the word around. It is titled:

There readers and listeners can consume the content he uploads related to podcasts and his tips on real estate investments. 

Ben Mallah currently has a YouTube channel with over 850,000 subscribers. Viewers will find content related to real estate advice, hospitality, and auctions on his channel. We can also check his millionaire lifestyle on the channel through his regular video logs. 

He is regularly signing million-dollar deals, which he updates about in his video logs when the time is right. He also has an 18.1k fan following on Twitter to showcase his lifestyle and latest brand deal updates. 

His wife, Karla, is also using social media frequently to contribute to the couple’s brand value. 

Ben Mallah Net Worth & Remaining Earnings

Ben Mallah made a profit of $3 million after he flipped his first property. He bought this property for $9 million and sold it later for $12 million after refining and remodeling it. 

One of the best investments for him was Best Western Bay Harbor. He made a profit of $19.25 million by flipping it. He bought this hotel at $15 million and sold it at $34.5 million. 

In other news, he bought the Orlando Hotel in 2017 at $21 million, spending $5 million additionally on this property’s renovations. However, in 2019, he sold the same hotel for $33.5 million, earning him a $7.5 million profit for 2 years straight away.  

Recent data shows that Ben has flipped more than 4,000 homes to date. Each house is easily worth a million or more. However, if we talk about Ben Mallah net worth, it gets accumulated to $250 million recently this year.

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Ben Mallah’s Personal Life

Ben married Karla Nila in 2004, and they met in the same building while living in different apartments. Ben hired Karla’s grandfather as the maintenance manager of the building, and that’s when the journey began for the two. Currently, they are exploring their lives as a couple in Tampa. They own one of the most expensive houses in that community in Tampa. 

He paid $16.5 million to Ryan Howard for the gulf-front house. You can find this house in Bellair Shore, and it was an anniversary gift from Ben to his wife, Karla.

This house has a pool across 12 acres of this property. Then, you will find a trophy room, a garage large enough to store at least 6 luxurious cars, spacious balconies, a bowling alley, and a two-story library. 

Ben Mallah’s Assets

Ben owns multiple vintage cars as an enthusiast. He also has a $3 million worth yacht. His fleet includes Rolls-Royce, Porsche, and similar other vehicles.


Ben Mallah net worth is easy to calculate and inspirational for young entrepreneurs. His life story shows how one can possess a never-give-up attitude and hustle everything at the right time to make the most out of it. 

FAQs on Ben Mallah

  1. What is the biggest deal for Ben Mallah to date?

    Ans: His biggest purchase is in Central Florida. 

  2. What other businesses does Ben Mallah own or run?

    Ans: Ben Mallah earns from car deals, hospitality, real estate management and consultancy businesses. 

  3. How much does it cost to reach Ben Mallah for a talk?

    Ans: A 15-minute call with Ben Mallah on the real estate consultations costs between $300 and $600. A one-on-one meeting’s cost is higher, that is, $1600. 

  4. Has any organization recognized Ben Mallah yet for his work?

    Ans: In 2006, Ben Mallah was recognized as the “Humanitarian of the Year,” award. Tampa Bay Business Journal awarded him for that. The City of Tampa awarded him the “keys to the city” label. 

  5. Is Ben Mallah involved in philanthropy acts?

    Ans: He does charities for organizations like Make-A-Wish Foundation and American Red Cross.