Tom Segura Net Worth

Tom Segura is a famous and renowned American actor, comedian, and podcaster, having earned a net worth of 12 million USD. He is popular because of his podcast, Your Mom’s House. He does this show with Christina, his wife. He also co-hosts another podcast show, 2 Bears, 1 Cave. It’s the show he does with another celebrity, Bert Kreischer. Apart from podcasts, Tom has done multiple stand-up gigs to earn his popularity. We have seen him doing several TV shows or episodes. He roasts people and anything that comes into his mind, like a pro comedian who loves insulting everything. Tom Segura Net Worth is around. 12M usd in 2023.

Tom Segura Early Life

Tom Segura has a rich heritage and an interesting background. He was born in Ohio in 1979. His mother is a Peruvian descendant, and his father is a mixed breed. He is everything from Cajun, Spanish, and French-Canadian. Tom has two sisters with a strong bond. 

He performed great with noteworthy grades but struggled with a drug case. He overdosed on GHB when he turned 18 and landed himself in a short-termed coma. Fortunately, he recuperated fully later on.

From his early adulthood to recent years, he lived across multiple cities in the USA. He has vivid experience of the lifestyle of places like Milwaukee, Minneapolis, and Florida. He went to Lenoir-Rhyne University for higher studies. 

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Tom Segura Career

After graduation, Tom Segura was sure to come on different comedy shows and events. This happened across the nation. He was a true hustler because he worked on multiple part-time jobs while he was going to stand-up and comedy gigs at night. He did everything from logging, and television stints, to writing original transcripts for the shows and interning at different event houses. Tom Segura net worth grew because of his career in comedy shows as he became famous due to his comedy skills.

Tom went on to showcase his talent in comedy to multiple renowned shows. These included:

  • The Comedy Festival
  • The Global Comedy Festival
  • Melbourne’s International Comedy Festival
  • Just for Laughs Comedy Festival
  • Last Comedy Standing – 2

His TV shows include:

  • Comedy Central Presents
  • Live at Gotham

He also starred in Netflix’s comedy show “Completely Normal.” This was aired in 2014, earning him a lot of popularity in one go. After that, he appeared on Disgraceful, Mostly Stories, and Ball Hog.

The last one was released in 2020. Viewers can find it online easily when researching. 

He also appeared in several other films:

  • Countdown
  • Instant Family
  • Sledgehammer

The Sledgehammer is to air in July 2023 on Netflix. Browse your Netflix and check if it is already live. If it is, enjoy his comic timings and punches for sure. 

Tom Segura Podcasts and Book

Tom earned his fair share of popularity because of his podcasts as well. I have briefly mentioned his shows above already. You can scroll up and check. Your Mom’s House was released in 2011; it was a super hit show. 

In 2019, he started 2 Bears, 1 Cave with Bert. Later, in 2022, he launched his book “I’d Like To Play Alone, Please.” Readers will find humorous stories to pass their time and feel motivated or uplifted. 

Tom described his book launch as one of the extensions of his personal brand. He is still exploring his personality in terms of what or how he can bring more value to his wider and more loyal audience. 

Tom Segura Relationship

He met his wife, Christina Pazsitzky, at the Cat Club in L.A. at 23. She is 3 years older than him. They married after a successful period of courtship in 2008 and are already parenting two beautiful children. They reside in Texas now.

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Tom Segura Real Estate

Tom and his wife have invested in many properties as investors or as a couple. They are popular as real estate investors. In fact, back in 2016, they bought a home in Woodland Hills, CA. It was 1.6 million USD in worth. Their dream house included facilities like:

  • Gated enclosure
  • Lagoon-style pool
  • Traditional architecture
  • Hardwood floors
  • 5 bedrooms
  • 4600+ sq. ft. of living space

In 2020, they valued this house at 2 million USD but sold it for 1.87 million USD. That year, the couple realized they needed an upgrade, hence the sale. Now, they bought another house, this time at Pacific Palisades. 

They bought it for 6.6 million USD. It included:

  • 7 bedrooms
  • 3 floors
  • Marble countertops
  • Rooftop deck
  • 5780 sq. ft. of living space
  • Infinity pool
  • Outdoor Kitchen

However, after a year (2021), the couple put this house on sale as well to move to Texas. They valued this property at 6.85 million USD. This valuation will help them to break even the cost for which they bought it.

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Tom Segura Net Worth Growth – The Fortune He Amassed Up To 2023

As per several online sources, Tom had a net worth of 10 million USD in 2018. His earned net worth multiplied to 11 million and 12 million USD in 2019 and 2020. Finally, in 2023, we know that it is easily around 15 million USD. 

Verdict on Tom Segura Net Worth

Tom is a fairly popular celebrity in the USA. He has reigned his legacy in comedy for multiple TV shows and podcast shows. Where one research confirms his net worth to be 12 million USD, most of the others confirm it to be 12-15 million USD. His net worth is actively increasing by 1-2 million USD every year as of now. He already has a history of real estate investment and flipping houses to upgrade his lifestyle with his dear wife, Christina. We might see more such investments from the couple in the years ahead. Tom Segura net worth grew 10-15% every year by looking at his investments and future commitments.

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FAQs on Tom Segura

  1. Why is Tom Segura famous?

    Ans : He’s a famous American comedian, actor, and podcaster. Apart from those professions, he has earned a loyal fan following on his social media channels. As the stats say, he continues to earn 2.2+ million followers on Instagram and 1+ million followers on Facebook. 

  2. How old is Tom Segura?

    Ans : He is 43.

  3. How much does Tom Segura earn every year?

    Ans : Tom earns around 1-2 million USD every year. 

  4. Who is Tom Segura married to?

    Ans : He is married to Christina Pazsitzky.

  5. How much does Tom Segura charge for his comedy shows?

    Ans : Tom charges around 30,000 USD per stand-up or comedy show.

  6. How much is Tom Segura earning from his podcast – Your Mom’s House?

    Ans : Tom earns approximately 40,000-200,000 USD per week from that podcast show. This is because of sponsorships, endorsements, or guest interviews/appearances on his show.

  7. How much does Tom Segura earn from his Netflix show?

    Ans : Tom Segura charges/earns at least 500,000 USD for each Netflix special episode.