How To Turn Off Screen Mirroring

With a screen mirror, users are able to cast their mobile phones, tablets, or other smart devices’ display screen on another larger device. It helps in enhancing the viewer experience. Often, any user like you and me uses mirror casting or screening for gaming, watching movies or series, or listening to music. It gives the best experience of the content on bigger devices with its control on your personal device.

However, you cannot put the screen mirroring on for a long time. Why?

First is that it will drain your phone’s battery. Next is for security purposes. Why would you anyone to watch the content of your device on a bigger screen when you want some privacy?

For example,you might be at someone’s house while turning on the screen mirroring. Then, you want to turn it off on time; otherwise, you might forget about it. You don’t want others to peek into your device, even by mistake.

So this article focuses on different ways to turn off screen mirroring and safeguard your privacy at the right time. Read ahead and be proactive in finding the right balance between quality experience and data privacy.

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Ways to turn off screen mirroring for iPad or iPhone

Use AirBeam apps

  • Find the “Screen Mirroring” button in one of the AirBeam apps.
  • There will be a red button on the app on your iPad or iPhone. It is the button to stop mirroring. Press it.
  • Then, you will get another button or option as, “Stop Broadcasting.” Press it to finally end the screen mirroring without messing with your phone or device’s privacy.

Control Center

  • Go and swipe down the top right corner of your latest iPad and iPhone. It opens up the Control Center. You need to swipe up from the bottom of your mobile or tablet if the model is an older one.
  • When you get into the Control Center, you will find the “Screen Mirroring” button. Click on it.  
  • Find the options of devices you can pair with to cast or mirror the screen of your device onto.
  • Tap on the current device, which is already mirroring your iPhone or iPad. This will help you to stop the screen mirroring process. However, to completely end it, turn off the screen mirroring option even from your device. It will ensure more safety.

Run the device out of its battery

Drain your iPad or iPhone’s battery. It is one of the slowest methods. Try it when you’re not hurrying to switch off screen mirroring or when any other idea does not seem to work. Do not turn on charging to drain the device out of the battery. Removing the charger and cord from the device.

Now the device will turn off eventually. Hence, the screen mirroring will stop on its own.

Ways to turn off screen mirroring for Mac devices

  • Switch Off Airplay

AirPlay is Apple’s feature that helps you to mirror the screen of your Mac device onto other screens.

To disable it:

Find the AirPlay icon. It’s at the top of your device’s screen, at the menu bar. Click on it.

Select the current TV or another device, the one that is mirroring your screen.

Click on the screen mirroring option. It will turn off the screen mirroring easily for your Mac device.

  • Control Panel

Switch on your Mac device. Let it load first so that it does not hang when you get started with the business.

Now, you can easily find the top right corner of the screen. Find the control panel there. It will be a slider; when you slide it, it’s between Siri and the search bar.

Click the icon and find screen mirroring. Press it to stop the screencast or mirroring for your device.

Ways to turn off screen mirroring for Android phones or tablets

Check Your Phone’s Settings

  • Go to the settings of your current Android mobile phone.
  • Check the list of the connected devices.
  • Click on the cast screen option.
  • Next, you need to click “Stop.”  
  • This will immediately turn off screen mirroring for your Android device: mobile phone, tablet, or note.


It is easy to turn off screen mirroring. The steps mentioned or listed in the blog copy above are easy to follow. However, if you still cannot find the best way, research more online. Otherwise, talk to other tech experts or go to a tech center to repair your device.