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Unblocked games have garnered massive popularity over the years. Gamers of any age and profession can play these unblocked games with the proper knowledge and tips. These games, like unblocked games 77 66, 76, or others, are fun to play and pass the time. If you’re interested in playing these premium quality games after reading the features, the steps to access those, and how to play them safely, you’re on the right page. 

In this post, learn about the top unblocked games 76, 77, 66, and the entire unblocked games world. I will discuss each section in detail to recommend one of the games to play. 

However, first, let’s begin to understand the meaning of these unblocked games and why they are so popular amongst gamers of any age. 

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What are unblocked games when we search for them online?

Anyone can play those games on their school and office computers. The security system of the workplace or school does not block them for multiple reasons. You can say that those are the free games you can find already available on the computer system or a laptop’s browser. 

If you recall your school or college days, there were many games you played with friends on the computer system. You never had to download or cross a firewall to access these games. 

That is because the computer system also comes with these games without paying any cost. 

Also, online gaming lovers find multiple online sites to play these unblocked games 77

Unblocked games websites are popular amongst all age groups because these websites are easier to access. These gaming websites are available mainly in every country or state. There is hardly any issue when trying to access these sites. Additionally, you will find thousands of categories online when wanting to play unblocked games 77 , 66, or 76. 

In other words, these games are browser-based, generally. You won’t even have to download them in the first place. Instead, you can create an ID on those websites for free and start playing. Otherwise, most school, college, and workplace computers have these games previously bookmarked or saved on their browsers.

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Another feature of these games is that you don’t need high-end knowledge to play them. Even kids can play unblocked games and explore the world for premium gaming fun and experience. 

Some games might have both free and premium versions. However, the majority of them are free and don’t require you to break the bank over them. 

You will have to explore the ever-growing list of such games. The freemium plan allows your character to play the free version till you decide that either you no longer want to play it or think of an upgrade. If the latter is your choice, you can upgrade the plan. 

That means it’s the gamer’s choice. 

Apart from them, these games are easy to find online. You can play these games with your friends, colleagues, or peers with or without creating an ID to pass the time. Some games like Road Rash give you the adrenaline rush to beat the biker next to you, even if he’s your friend playing the game while sitting beside you in real life. 

The graphics are not too much on the face. Thus, the loading time of these games is fast, and the gamer does not have to wait long for the entire gameplay to load. 

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How to access unblocked games 77?

There is a slight chance that your country or internet provider has blocked unblocked games 77 , 66, or 76. I don’t know why, but it might be under specific guidelines to surf the net properly and not let users face any vulnerabilities or virtual attacks. 

However, these games are already safe to play. At times, some of the unblocked games’ websites have ad pop-ups, because of which the firewall blocks those sites. 

Though, if you still want to thoroughly enjoy the unblocked games world experience, you need a trusted VPN. 

Search for a reliable VPN website, add-on, or software. Ask your gamer friends if you have limited knowledge of the Virtual Private Network. Read how to operate those or use the proxy websites to bypass the block and start playing your favorite unlocked games.

What does a VPN do when you want to swipe right into the unblocked games world?

A VPN helps you direct your IP address to another country and access the unblocked games 77 website. This is a sure-shot way to access those games without breaking cybersecurity rules. 

Plus, you can use a VPN even in your offices or schools if you miss playing these games for free to get rid of boredom.

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Are all unblocked games websites safe and secure to play?

Not necessarily. Some unblocked games’ websites are operating for clickbait purposes to show you endless ads and steal your cache or browsing data to sell it to third-party agents. 

How to play unblocked games 77 or 76 safely?

You can play unblocked games 77 safely when you visit a trusted provider of those games. Do not stay on those sites which constantly redirect you to some ad website. Close the tab and clear the history and cache immediately. 

Visit unblocked games’ sites with an SSL certificate or those that start from “Https://.” You will know that by clicking the URL of these websites twice to get the complete address. If the website URL is not starting from “https://,” it’s best that you leave that site and find another trusted one online. 

Be an intelligent game player when choosing your favorite unblocked games 77 online. To do so, you can read the reviews posted by other games on these websites. You will find plenty of them online once you start researching.

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Besides that, you can watch videos of the gamers on YouTube. A true gamer of unblocked games loves to record the game time and upload it for their viewers’ fancy and thrilling experience. 

When you search on YouTube, you will find a myriad of unblocked games 77 , 76, or 66. From any of the gamer’s IDs, you can check out what website they are playing on. 

Otherwise, drop them a text or comment to enquire. Most active gamers reply within 24-48 hours. Then, list the unblocked games’ sites and start playing to kill time when you’re bored or have nothing else to do. 

List of unblocked games 77

There is a pool of unblocked games 77 that you can play online without any ban or restriction. Find the top of those below with a brief description.

Run 3:

This is an exciting game for those who love to speedrun and get over their anxieties to kill boredom. In this game, you have a tiny, cute character that has to run through an endless tunnel. The game’s terrain changes the shapes and sizes of its floor and walls after every level. 

After 10+ levels, you get a chance to switch your character. This new character is a skater guy. You can have him next time to run through the terrain and try your level best not to let him die. There are two types of floors in this game’s landscape.

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One is where you step to fly and jump to the next one. It is the one which is of a specific color. The next title of this terrain disappears as you step on it. 

If, by chance, that happens and you’re unable to save your character from the free fall, don’t worry. The character can respawn within seconds, but you can never know where it reappears until it does. So, you will find your character running again toward the tunnel end. But be careful and have the presence of mind to make him jump to the next tile at the right time. 

In totality, the fun is never-ending when you play this game. The levels are interlinked, which means as you end one, the other one begins. For further reference, find YouTube videos online uploaded by gamers trying to break even the world record for this one. This is one of the best unblocked games 77 which you need to play.

Minecraft Classic:

This is one of those “noobie” games with pixeled graphics. When you play it, you enter into a pixelated sandbox-like environment. Your ultimate mission in this game is to survive as you build and explore the sandbox world around the character. 

Its YouTube videos are famous for gamers trying to speedrun it and finish it within 8-10 minutes. Gamers upload the speedruns of this game’s newer and upgraded version to help new players trying to figure out the walkthrough of this game. 

Tank Trouble:

This is a tank warfare game that you can play with your friends and increase the fun quotient. The players have a tank as their character in the maze-like arena. The graphics are sleek and simple.

You get the minimalistic look and feel while playing this chaotic game to blow the tank of your opponents before they reach you to win the battle of every level. 

Players also get frequent power-ups to level up their gameplay and see if they can win even the most brutal tank wars. Complete walkthroughs of this game are available online on YouTube and other gaming guides.

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Happy Wheels:

This is one of the most hilarious and gruesome games on the list. It makes the players run through different obstacles to pass the pathway and get to the endpoint of the road. 

Sometimes, the player cycles down the road while crossing the obstacles and must ride a bicycle even over other non-players’ bodies. 

The outcomes are gruesome, yet players find it funny, especially when the other person sitting at the back of the cycle falls or gets hurt. The overall gameplay lets you blow off your steam and get rid of your frustrating and boring mood.  Happy wheels are the most popular unblocked games 77 which you need to play.

Uno Online

It is personally one of my favorite games to play online. This is a multiplayer online card game under the unblocked games 77 category. You get blue, green, yellow, and red cards in your deck. 

The ultimate goal of every player is to get rid of their deck and say “Uno,” when handing over the second-last card in front of all players. 

At times, this game goes on for an hour or beyond that. It’s fun, and you can keep guessing what cards other players have and what numbered or color-coded card you should throw next. 

Unblocked Games 77 -Endless Fun Of Premium Games World!

Fireboy and Watergirl in the Forest Temple:

This is one of those interesting games where you have two characters to maneuver across the different levels one after another. You have to activate your strategic mind while playing with two characters, opposite of each other. 

One is fire, and the other is water. They can neither walk together nor touch each other. Otherwise, both will die. One character can jump over the other to move ahead and solve the maze together. 

You can play this game with one of your friends to take control of the other character. But you will have one computer or PC to use. There is no option to extensively enter the multiplayer mode. Each level gets more interesting as there are different levers and mud-like obstacles in between, which both the characters have to pass to get to the exit of the level.

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Basketball Legends:

This game is mainly for basketball lovers. You will get exciting tournaments to play with top players across the world. There are normal and hard matches to play. You can play a one-on-one or multiplayer match to make it more challenging. The characters look like funny caricatures of world-renowned basketball players. 

Find it super easy to control the character and have them move back and forth on the basketball court. The music in the background is funky and makes you up your game when there is a whistle or cheer in the background. Play basketball legends which is unblocked games 77 which you need to play in order to be best gamer.

The expressions of every character are funny when they get hit or earn the score after throwing the ball through the net. You can dripple the ball and jump high to avoid the opponent in the first few moves and get a perfect score. Overall, gameplay is fun, and you want to challenge the person more if you love basketball. 

unblocked games 77

List of unblocked games 76

In unblocked games 76 you will find the below popular games which you are interested to play :

Shell Shockers:

It is an attractive multiplayer shooting game where your character is an egg, but you experience this with a first-point-of-view angle. Initially, you have to move the character after it is shot into the maze. You can also play it in the full-screen version without having to pay anything for this experience. 

Those who have played games like Counter Strike, Call of Duty, and other such shooting games will have fun playing Shell Shockers. There is 100 HP for each character, and we try our best not to get shot by other eggs or opponents. 

We aim to shoot all other eggs and win the round. Once we are attacked, we do not respawn automatically. We are back on the home screen of this round, and then we have to choose our weapon again before manually hitting play to join the game. 

If you’re bored beyond wits, try this game with your friends at home or college when you’re in the computer lab. Try it out but make sure to turn the system’s volume down. 

unblocked games 76


It’s a fast-paced 3D game where your character is a ball thrown into a slope-like terrain. Your goal is to navigate the ball through the different and most challenging ground to pass the levels thrown at you. As you pass it effectively, your ball will find more obstacles with each round. The entire terrain is of neon-green color, and so is the ball. 

So, it makes it harder for the gamer to focus on the ball and help it maneuver without fail across the pathway. The music in the background is also thrilling for new users who have never played such games before. 

Overall, gamers have a simple but addictive experience whenever they play Slope. Your hours will fly by, and you will not even realize; the same happened to me when I experimented with this game. 

Bullet Force:

It’s a first-person shooting multiplayer game where your character goes through tougher mazes and terrains to make the gameplay enjoyable. You will be battling against other players and trying your level best to shoot them with the best weapons in the inventory. 

There are options to swap your weapons if you got another set of those. This will enhance and enrich your combat experience, especially if you want to shoot someone up close. 

The graphics are more realistic in this game, with real-life-based maps and mazes. One of my favorites is when we are underground and passing through various tunnels with a vigilant eye on our opponents to shoot them at first sight.

unblocked games 76

Zombocalypse 2:

It’s another fast-paced action game where you must fend off zombie groups or hordes. You have to fight them off to make sure your character survives till the end. 

Gamers win perks like “One-man Army,” “Overkill,” “Mastermind,” “Bulletproof,” “Commando,” and more when playing the game and crossing different milestones. 

Unlock different weapons in the “Armory” section as you walk through the gameplay and win over battles one after another. For instance, you begin with Machate as the weapon to fight off zombies. Later, as you move across, find new weapons for more intense fighting and action-packed experiences. 

The map is more accessible than the other games because the character is walking down a single road or path. You don’t need to go around to find zombies. They come to you as you move even a little bit forward. 

List of unblocked games 66

Unblocked games 66 are the games which are most popular games on internet which you love to explore and play:


2048 is an interesting puzzle or mind-bending game where you get different blocks of 2,4, 6, 8, and other similar numbers. You aim to merge the blocks and create as many higher numbers as possible. At the same time, you have to clear the area so the new blocks can keep coming. 

The entire gameplay is interesting, as it keeps you occupied for at least an hour before your board fills up. Then, eventually, you will have no more moves left to keep merging the blocks to create higher-numbered blocks. 


Tetris is by far the most impressive and globally loved puzzle game. You have to connect the blocks that fall from above and make pairs disappear one after another. The board will fill up if you do not pair the puzzling pieces together. Then, you lose because you can’t add new pieces to the board. 

Gamers assemble interesting pieces together and make them disappear with their analytical knowledge. There are different modes to choose from. For example, you might want to play an easy, average/medium, or difficult mode. It depends on your experience and caliber of playing Tetris with finesse, even on the most difficult boards.  Tetris is the best unblocked games 66 you can play.

unblocked games 66

Text Twist:

It’s a word game for those gamers who love to make new words from the random letters given on the board. Gamers have two options while playing Text Twist. 

  1. Try unlimited mode, where you do not race against the limited time frame.
  2. Try action mode, where you will complete the puzzle within a deadline. 

You can also read the instruction when you start playing the game if you’re new to it. Otherwise, the game is self-explanatory as you have to make as many words as possible with random and jumbled words. 

The main goal in this game is also to crack the main word from the jumbled letters. Once you do that, you can move to the next puzzle or level. 

Safety measures you must follow when playing unblocked games 77:

  • Adhere to the age-appropriate categorized games

Many gaming websites will ask you whether you’re above 13, 16, or 18 years of age. If you accept the button and the policy, the website will not be responsible for showing you age-appropriate games. 

Your user and gamer experience might be disappointing or horrifying if you do not stick to age-appropriate games. So, be a responsible gamer when you choose those sites to play free or unblocked games. 

As no one is there to supervise you, it’s you who have to decide which games you should play. For instance, always remember that intense games like shooting, racing, and sports can shape our mindsets as human beings. We get aggressive while playing these games, even when we’re playing with friends or strangers. 

Online players might abuse or shout cuss words while playing sniper and shooting words. So, this can have a negative impact on your mindset and attitude if you’re not an adult. Thus, choose a game appropriately and make this fun instead of a horrifying experience in the long run. 

  • Check the gamer ratings and reviews online:

Don’t be naïve when you play an online game, especially any that fits into the category of an unblocked game. Read the user or gamer rating and feedback online. Check whether the game is boring, unsatisfactory, unnecessarily rough or gore, or interesting and trending. 

Go through speedrun or walkthrough videos if you don’t like to lose and die in the game often. New players often die or fall out of the terrain when playing shooting, running, and racing games. 

This can irritate anyone instead of satisfying the gamer’s mood to kill their time. So always read game reviews prior to playing the game. At least, you will also know if a particular game is removed from the site, banned from the country, or is super easy and consuming to play.

This exercise helps you make informed and strategic decisions as a seasoned gamer. 


You will find a diverse range of unblocked games 77 , 76, and 66 online to play for free. A few examples of the categories include racing games, strategy games, action games, puzzle games, sports games, and shooting games. We have read a lot of such examples in the post above. There are hundreds of websites online to research and play. 

The best way to know a trusted to play unblocked games 66 , 77, or 76 is to check other gamers’ profiles online. You will find many YouTubers who are crazy fans of unblocked games. 

Watch their streams and leave them a comment or message to know about the website lists to visit and play these games without any roadblocks. 

Additionally, now I hope you know how to access unblocked games even with a VPN. I covered that topic already for new gamers above. If you still have doubts about the unblocked games world, leave a comment below.