Sippline Net Worth

Shark Tank India has been one of the amazing reality shows. It gave a platform to youngsters like Rohit Warrier, founder of Sippline, a platform to market their products and ideologies. I have already watched Season 1 and 2 episodes of Shark Tank India. The particular episode where Rohit Warrier came and gave his pitch piqued my interest. Thus, I wanted to know more about Sippline net worth and its journey so far. So, in the post below, I will introduce you to the product and its net worth, which I found online when I was digging into this brand in detail. 

As enthusiastic readers, you will also enrich your knowledge about this brand owner, Rohit Warrier, who became the headline of news articles because of this Shark Tank Episode. 

Overview of Shark Tank and Sippline Episode

Rohit Warrier was grilled on the Shark Tank episode by one of the famous sharks, Ashneer Grover. He easily stated that Rohit’s product was amongst the worst ones on the show. He even said his famous dialogue, “Bhai kya kar raha hai tu?” to him. It was humiliating for Rohit Warrier while he was trying to pitch Sippline to the masses for improving oral hygiene at a global or international level. But that was not the end for Sippline. Rather, it seriously gained popularity from that show. Later, we found Rohit making several Instagram videos to promote Sippline. Then, it was exhibited at The Dubai Hotel. 

He introduced Sippline products such as “Glass ka Mask,” which he developed back in 2016. However, he failed to release or launch the product back then because the market was not ready for such products. It was during the pandemic when he realised that it was the right time to launch the product and help people visiting restaurants and hotels be more cautious about their cleanliness when using a glass. 

What is actually this Sippline product?

Rohit Warrier invented this product and presented it on Shark Tank. However, he didn’t bag any deal there. This product is about drinking glass shields or “Glass ka Mask.” It is a shield or covers for the glasses and mugs to prevent germs and bacteria from entering your mouth while using those. It is a helpful product in the hotel and hospitality industries; Rohit pitched it like that as well on the Shark Tank India episode. Basically, it is a product that helps to prevent cross-contamination effectively as it is a protective layer of the glasses, fixed on rims.

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Can we say that Sippline is a successful company?

To some limit, we can say this company is greatly becoming successful. Rohit Warrier claims that about 3,00,000 people are searching for his brand on the famous social networking site, Instagram. 

Additionally, about 15 lakh netizens are searching the keyword Sippline on YouTube. Now, this could be because Rohit Warrier has also published videos on his social media channels to explain his experience on Shark Tank India. It was a like review to give back to the audience something to talk about whenever they think of the Sippline and Shark Tank India episode of Season 1. 

Brief on Rohit Warrier, Founder of Sippline

Rohit has spent most of his time funding, investing, and managing various businesses and their operations in the span of 12 years. He started this journey in 2010, as per online resources which I gathered. Apart from Sippline, he also founded companies like:

  • Warrier Sicura
  • Warrier Electronics

He’s a certified graduate from IHM University, having expertise in fire industrial and safety engineering. In his free time, he likes to do other creative activities like listening to music, skydiving, playing gold and doing other outdoor activities. 

We can say that he’s quite a serial entrepreneur who has a lot of knowledge about the safety and fire industries. Yet, he’s a lively personality who lives to find the right balance between his work and personal life.

What is the current Sippline Net Worth from online sources?

Currently, Sippline is not funded by any other investor as per the online advertisements, news articles, and other research material. However, Rohit appeared on Shark Tank India, as I iterated before. On this episode of Season 1 of Shark Tank India, Rohit pitched his company to be valued at Rs. 5 crores. 

This was a new concept and product in the market. Rohit accepts the same, and that is why he was unable to launch it earlier. 

The Sharks at Shark Tank India episode were not happy with this idea or product. Thus, they were not able to fund it in any way. 

The Wave of Glass Ka Mask

Despite the rejection from several investors to date, Rohit gained negative publicity for sure when we researched Sippline net worth. The negative news articles have pinpointed not only the product but also the founder’s brand or face value. 

In time, Rohit started to make reels to counter the negative publicity and improve the knowledge of his product in the market. Because of his popularity, Sippline products were able to be exhibited in The Hotel Show Dubai 2022. There, as an entrepreneur, he got another chance to market his brand and product, this time in front of a wider and richer market. 

Conclusion on Sippline Net Worth:

Currently, there is no extensive news on Sippline net worth. The brand is new and still growing in the market. However, for sure, it has gained global popularity within 2-3 years of time. Rohit has rolled out a survey with the Indian Institution of Science Education and Research on rims and their sanitary conditions. I figure he still needs to do a lot more research with hotels, restaurant chains, and such institutions to create a strong case study on oral hygiene. This will help him revamp and revise his brand’s net worth in the coming years for sure.