Physics Wallah Net Worth

The education business is one of the most profitable businesses in India today. Channels like YouTube are popular amongst students to get free education when they have no other source to rely on. One such change maker in the education sector, which I will talk about at great length today, is Mr. Alakh Pandey. He’s the owner of the brand Physics Wallah. With the information on Physics Wallah net worth, readers will get to know how Alakh is reshaping and changing the education landscape in India. You will also see how his channel Physics Wallah makes education in Physics readily available to all participants and students worldwide. 

Early life or bio of Mr. Alakh Pandey

Alakh Pandey lived in a mediocre or low-class family in his early stages of life. To support his family as much as he could, he provided private tuition classes to students from mid to high secondary classes. 

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First, his father had to sell some of their land to pay off bills. Later, the entire house was sold because of financial issues. This unfortunate event forced him and his family to live in a rented apartment. 

That is how he began the journey of tutoring students who needed the right kind of education at affordable rates. Alakh used to travel 5 miles a day to provide tuition classes and earn Rs. 200 per day for his family. That was the time when he was only in class 6 himself. 

He started giving tuition to students studying in class 5 when he was in 8th grade. When he entered class 11th, he gave tuitions to class 9th students at the Achievers Academy near his house. 

He participated in several plays as he developed a keen interest in acting in childhood. 

His father is a contractor in the village, and his mother is a teacher. As per the latest research, his sister works in a private software company. 

Alakh Pandey Education

He completed his primary schooling at Bishop Johnson School. He studied Mechanical Engineering at the Harcourt Butler Technical Institute, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. However, he could not complete his graduation. It was partly because of the financial crunch and partly because of a keen interest in teaching, as he had been doing it since childhood. 

Alakh Pandey Age

He was born on 2nd October 1991. He is from Uttar Pradesh, and currently, he is 31 years old. In October 2023, he will turn 32. 

Who is Physics Wallah’s owner married to?

Mr. Alakh Pandey is married to Shivani Dubey. They got married in 2023 and engaged in June 2022. His wife also handles the business venture Physics Wallah, along with him. 

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What was the motivation for creating Physics Wallah Channel?

When Alakh was in class 11th, he was tutoring students in Allahabad. His monthly income was Rs. 5000 from those tuition classes. With years of tutoring experience, he realized that the Indian learning system needed a major shift. The offline mode of learning would only take the student’s reach and exposure so far. Thus, he was inspired to create a YouTube channel for free online lessons on Physics chapters. That is why he created Physics Wallah – Alakh Pandey channel. 

Initially, the channel didn’t seem to get any success or views. He had to rewire the way he was teaching Physics. He got course materials from Kota to create chapters after extensive research. 

Soon enough, his subscribers picked up the reach and started getting more interested in the content he uploaded. The video quality eventually improved, which led to his success over the years. As of now, he has 10.8 crore subscribers on his channel, Physics Wallah – Alakh Pandey. 

Physics Wallah App Journey

In 2018, Alakh Pandey also launched Physics Wallah (PW) app for targeting rural kids to learn Physics like a pro. Most of the content listed and posted on the app is free for students across India. Students will find live demos, sessions, and lecture notes on this app. A group of educators frequently launch free webinars or seminars on the app to enrich the student’s knowledge and conceptual understanding. 

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Physics Wallah (PW) now has offline locations in cities like Delhi, Pune, Patna, Varanasi, etc. 

Additional notes students can find on this app include JEE NEET, UPSC, etc. Anyone can easily download the PW app from the Google play store within minutes. Now more ventures are opening up by Alakh Pandey. Some include:

  • MBA Wallah
  • Teaching Wallah
  • GATE Wallah

When the app was launched in 2018, 35,000+ students downloaded and subscribed to it. That was within four days of its launch. It showed the efficiency of the content students already expected from this app. 

Now there is a web series named Physics Wallah where Shreedhar Dubey plays his character to depict his life journey and story. 

Physics Wallah Start-up

Now, Physics Wallah is a start-up name, and Alakh Pandey cracked another milestone of his life when it became one of the unicorn companies in India. It’s, in fact, the 101st unicorn company, which originated in India.  Physics Wallah net worth is estimated to be around $1 billion.

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Physics Wallah Net Worth Estimations

One of the online resources says that Physics Wallah net worth is $1 billion. Other online publications say that it is 4000 crores rupees. According to Badisoch, he earns 14 lakh rupees per month and 1.7 crore annually. The data can vary as per the other resources when we research online. 

From tracxn, we learned that Physics Wallah received 100 million USD in funding in 2022. The valuation of the brand is $3.38 billion as of March 2023, as per this site. Another online site says that this startup is valued at 8000 crores rupees today in India. 

So we can range it between 4000-8000 crore when discussing Physics Wallah net worth. But the journey of the Physics Wallah is not stopping there. Users of the PW app will get content in 8+ regional languages, and many more developments are going on with this app and the overall startup brand. 

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FAQs on Physics Wallah

  1. Who is Alakh Pandey?

    Ans : He’s the owner of the EdTech brand Physics Wallah. He’s also a teacher, inspirational and motivational speaker, startup owner, and a famous YouTuber. 

  2. What is the qualification of the Physics Wallah owner?

    Ans : Alakh Pandey passed high school and dropped out of his engineering college. 

  3. What is the current net worth of Physics Wallah?

    Ans : According to multiple online sources, it’s somewhere between Rs. 4000-8000 crores in 2023.