Best emoji apps for Android.

best emoji app

It is difficult to imagine our everyday chats and text messages without Emojis. The emojis defines our emotions more than the plain text chats. If you are enamored of using emojis in your daily chats and your default keyboard doesn’t support the emojis features here we have gathered a list of best Emoji apps for android. … Read moreBest emoji apps for Android.

Is it Posssible to Hack Gmail Online?

Hack Gmail online

Gmail, It is the Largest and most used E-mail service provider over the world wide web. So definitely there will be fewer possibilities for hacking Gmail. It is developed by Google for free advertising-supported E-mail service. Gmail on any web or program from any path have synchronized the E-mails through the POP and IMAP protocols for hack Gmail … Read moreIs it Posssible to Hack Gmail Online?

How to use Google Dorks for Credit Cards Details

Google dorks for credit card

Literally, “Dorks stands for a stupid person who doesn’t know what he is doing” Google Dork is basically is a set of commands which sets filters in the Google search results. By inserting these set of commands in the Google search bar one can get the results according to his need. These codes in return can … Read moreHow to use Google Dorks for Credit Cards Details

How to check Aadhar card status

Aadhar card is a mandatory Identity Card for Indian Citizens. Each individual gets a unique twelve digit identification number and a QR code. Aadhar Card is issued by Unique Identity Authority of India(UIDI). It is now compulsory to link your Mobile no, PAN card and bank Account with Aadhar Card. If you apply fora new Aadhar … Read moreHow to check Aadhar card status

10 Best Android Apps to Watch Movies Online 2018

From YouTube to Fmovies, we have had our wonderful movie streaming experiences online. It’s now our turn to give our Android phones a treat by installing apps that give us the best possible movie watching experiences with minimum obstructions and fast browsing. Also if you are still gonna stream movies on your laptop check these … Read more10 Best Android Apps to Watch Movies Online 2018