Lana Rhoades Net Worth

Have you been searching Lana Rhoades net worth in 2023 online? One of the sources says it’s $29 million. Lana Rhoades earns $4 million annually with her shows and endorsements. However, know more about her bio, movies, age, and other updates below. Scroll the post for extensive information on this celebrity. I did a handful of extensive research online for the content I posted below. Once you go through it all and want more information on her, feel free to do your research. You can always leave your views in the comments if you find anything worth sharing on Lana Rhoades’s net worth or her annual earnings this year. 

Lana Rhoades Biography

Lana Rhoades was born in Chicago in Sept 1996. She started her acting life in 2016. Her videos gave her the same that she ended up winning Adult Video News Award in 2018. She was also nominated for Female Performer of the Year in the same year.  

Lana Rhoades is Amara Maple’s stage name. When she entered her acting career in 2016, she was 19, but she quickly made her way in the adult entertainment industry with her videos. 

Before that, according to famous online sources like Caclubindia, she was a waitress. She went to a local community college for completing her studies. However, becoming an adult industry actor was the first choice during those years. It was due to financial instability and her interest in supporting the women of this industry that she went ahead to try it out.

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It happened like a happenchance when an agent on her social media contacted her. However, she retired from the adult industry in 2018. She was there only 2 years to explore her acting-related personality. 

However, there are online articles on her during that period. It shows that she commented that she was going through serious mental health issues in 2018. Thus, she had to quit and focus on her well-being for the time being. 

In 2017, Lana was featured in Playboy, a famous pornographic magazine worldwide. 

Lana Rhoades Net Worth Details

Lana Rhoades net worth was $300,000 only in 2015. It shot up quite right as soon as she entered the adult entertainment industry. From $2 million in 2017, it went up to $8 million by 2019. 

However, with her other online gigs, her earnings never stopped. From there, the journey of making a personalized brand started with Lana Rhoades. According to Caclubindia, her net worth will be $29 million in 2023. Techiegamers comment that her net worth is $24 million. 

Income Lana Rhoades Earned From Acting

At first, she earned $10,000 per video when she went into adult video acts. Within 6 months into acting, her rates shot up tenfold. She started charging $150k per video. In 2020, she demanded $500k per video for a 1-to-2-day shoot. 

From my research, I surmise that she acted in 200-250+ videos and earned 50+ million USD. We know that she retired from acting in adult videos, but she continues to earn royalty from the existing ones.

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She acted in films like Unleashed and Lana to gain fame in the adult film industry. In a YouTube video with Dave Portnoy, she confirmed earning more money than she ever imagined. She confessed that she did not regret quitting the adult industry. 

Some of the other movies where Lana Rhoades acted:

  • Slat Puppies
  • Twisted Passions
  • Missax
  • Teens Like It Big
  • Banging Cuties
  • Women Seeking Women
  • 2016Net Skirts
  • Over Easy 2016

Lana Rhoades Assets or Properties

She bought 3 houses in Los Angeles. The total cost of these houses was $8 million. While living in one house, she rented out the remaining two for a stable income. From renting it out, she earns anywhere around $140-150k per year. 

Lana also actively invests in the stock market with her famously known fund manager, Bill Ackman. Her investment portfolio is valued at 14 million USD. She has investments in companies like Amazon, Walt Disney, Apple, and Alphabet.

She launched her NFT collection in 2022. But she got a lot of hate over it. Then, she ended up deleting her Twitter ID. Lana Rhoades has owned and hosted a podcast called “3 Girls 1 Kitchen.” Her co-hosts were Olivia Davis and Alexa Adams. 

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Lesser-Known Facts on Lana Rhoades

  • She was always a fan of the adult film industry, even since her childhood days. 
  • Since she retired from acting, she has gained huge Instagram popularity with 16.1 million followers, most from the adult film industry. 
  • She was married earlier to an addict named Jon at the age of 18. She entered the adult acting industry at 19, and her husband was jealous and insecure. They were separated after 5 years of their marriage. 
  • She went to jail when she was 18 and was involved in local gang activities. Though she was wrongly accused, and it was an act to defame her, according to her online statements. 
  • She owns Mercedes, Lamborghini, and Range Rover as she loves cars and already has an impressive collection of luxurious cars. 
  • There is news that she signed another contract with Brazzers to return to the adult acting industry. 

Lana Rhoades Pregnancy

Lana gave birth to a baby boy in 2022 and named him Milo. She posted his pictures on her social media handles. Netizens speculate and keep assuming about her baby’s daddy to date. There is no surety who is her baby’s father, though. However, we can see from her pictures on Instagram that she’s quite happy with her son. 

One of the speculations I found online was that she’s been dating Mike Majlak. He’s a notorious podcaster, and his reputation isn’t up to the mark when you read about his biography online. 

FAQs on Lana Rhoades Net Worth, Shows, and Other News This Year

  1. How much does Lana Rhoades make or charge per her video?

    Ans : A few of the online sources say that she charges anywhere around $500k per video. 

  2. Is Lana Rhoades one of the richest actresses online?

    Ans : Yes, with a $29-30 million net worth, she makes the cut to be one of the renowned, recognized, and famous actresses online in the Gen Z world. 

  3. How old is Lana Rhoades right now?

    Ans : She is 26 and will turn 27 in September 2023. 

  4. What was Lana Rhoades’s age when she entered the adult acting industry?

    Ans : She was 19.

  5. What religion does Lana Rhoades belong to?

    Ans : She is Christian. 

  6. Is Lana married?

    Ans : Yes, she was married to a man named Jon once.