Island Boys Net Worth 2023

The internet world has been a tremendously trustable and creditable platform for today’s sensational influencers. One such pair of trailblazers of today’s generation is Island Boys. These are twin brothers Alex and Franky Venegas. As per various online news and celeb articles, Island Boys net worth in 2023 is $1-2 million. However, you might want to know their background story before knowing their current net worth and earnings in figures. So let’s get on with it in the article below. Continue to read the post, and you will find all your answers about these twin brothers’ journey in no time.

Island Boys’ Distinct Appearance

These boys call themselves Flyysoulja and Kodiyakredd in public, as those are their stage names. They have become a visually appealing internet sensation with their distinctive and creative appearances. The twin brothers adorned their bodies with tattoos, wicks, and wicked diamond teeth. Such features helped them to earn attention from their viewers online, especially belonging to hip-hop culture.

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Island Boys Viral Video Sensation

In 2021, these twin brothers had a video that went viral without any prior aspiration. They released the video of their song “I Am Island Boy.” The video was uploaded on Twitter only earlier. The audience picked it up and reshared it a lot on TikTok, and it became a sensation and a meme in no time. After that, these two boys became a viral public pair in the musical industry. 

Island Boys Bio & Basic Info

Franky and Alex are from Florida, born on 16th July 2001. Unfortunately, these twin brothers lost their father due to heart disease early on. Alex has yellow hair, and Franky keeps bold tips with brown hair. Alex has some writing tattooed on his temple. However, there are more than 17 tattoos near his brow. Additionally, Franky got an eagle tattooed on his brow. Both boys have an exceptional, attention-scoring, and mind-blowing appearance that even the world cannot ignore. 

They both were into multiple controversies when they were teenagers. In fact, at 13, they had been into burglaries. They videographed themselves, showing their house arrest bracelet. 

In 2021, Flyysoulja posted news about his soul mate baby, whereas even Kodiyakredd is seeing someone. 

Island Boys Career

Franky started the musical journey, entering this world in 2020. He has released songs like Real Right, 9ine, and Smoke. After that, in 2021, both boys got viral from the “I Am Island Boy” song video on TikTok and Twitter. 

After that video went viral, there was no turning back for these fraternal twin brothers. As of now, their TikTok account has millions of followers, and each year, the growth of their subscribers is increasing exceptionally. More people are, however, following Flyysoulja because of his earlier hold in the music industry. 

These brothers later opened a YT channel named Big Bang Ent. There, viewers can catch up on their frequent video logs, music videos, BTS shots, and other gossip on and off their lifestyles.

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Island Boys Income Streams

Island Boys created multiple sources of income for themselves in no time after their video went viral. In 2023, their major source of income has been OnlyFans. From May to July, OnlyFans helped them earn $380,000. However, in June, they earned easily $200,000. They also have a Spotify account with at least 85,000 listeners count every month. They easily make $250-300 every month from Spotify deals and brand endorsements. Island boys net worth rose to 2.5M in the year 2023.

Expanding Online Reach of Island Boys

With struggles like crimes and controversies, Island Boys rose to fame and never backed down. Their reach is not only to the music world now. They have successfully ventured into other mediums like documentaries and reality TV appearances. 

In 2022, these twin brothers participated in several reality TV shows. This included Ultimate Social Boxing. Then, they released a documentary named:

Trolled: The Untold Island Boys net worth Story

This documentary shows their real-life story and the real struggle they faced up until today. It had a microscopic view of their personal and professional life, so to speak.

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Recent Controversies of the Island Boys

In 2022, Franky was accused of domestic abuse. But there weren’t any charges pressed against him. There was a marketing-related controversy when the boys marketed US Army unintentionally at a Cameo platform. There was no confirmation of the approval of the same from the US Army. Their personal connection with another criminal or convicted person/celeb, Andrew James, put them in the headlines. The media tried its best to corner them with guilt and shame. However, the twins were not found guilty or implicated at the end of this media trial.

Island Boys Net Worth Journey

In 2019, the island boys net worth of $10k only. In 2020, that net worth rose or $100k when Franky started his musical journey. In 2022 and 2023, this net worth touched $1-2 million because of the fame through the viral video and multiple other income streams. They also have an increasing fan following on different social media. Because of this fan following, they can get more brand deals, sponsorships, and reality TV appearances. 

Island Boys Merchandise

They own a merchandise line for their fans selling t-shirts at $26 and sweatshirts priced at $46. Their store has other items on sale, like stickers, unique chachkies, and home décor accouterments. 

Blingy Collection of the Island Boys

The Island Boys have a serious inclination toward collecting blingy items or accessories. They have spent $82,000 buying a chain as the beginning of their super awesome collection. Later they bought an iced-out AP or Audemars Piguet Skeleton watch. This accessory cost them $200,000. This watch has a diamond-covered face with a chained strap. Currently, they have $300,000 worth of such watches, including Cartier. 


The Island Boys is an inspirational pair of troubled teens who lost their father at a very early age. They had no fatherly support and were an early target for the defaulters and convicts to throw them under the bus with crimes and controversies. But the twin pair tried their best to survive to the date. This year, Island boys net worth of $1-2 million conveys the same. 


  1. How much do the Island Boys earn?

    Ans : In 2023, their estimated income is $700k. They have already earned $380k and more so far this year. 

  2. What is the primary source of income for the Island Boys?

    Ans : Their primary sources of income they earn today are TikTok and OnlyFans. They also earn through their dedicated YT channel and social media platforms like Instagram for brand deal endorsements or guest appearances. 

  3. What do the Island Boys actually do?

    Ans : They have already forayed into the musical industry with rap and hip-hop videos. Launching music videos is their consistently earning and growing passion. After that, they are becoming TikTok superstars and influencers for their viewers to create more income streams for themselves. 

  4. How old are the Island Boys in 2023?

    Ans : They’re 22 years of age, born in 2001.