How To Uninstall XIVAlexander

XIVAlexander is one of the best tools which enhances the gameplay. The performance of a person reflects in the best way possible. The players of Final Fantasy XIV use XIVAlexander to a large extent to make their game more interesting. To know How To Uninstall XIVAlexander easily in few steps.

But the question arises, how can you uninstall XIVAlexander? If you want to uninstall XIVAlexander for any of the reasons, you must follow some basic steps. Therefore, read the article briefly as it will give answers to all of your questions.

Process Of Uninstalling XIVAlexander:

Several Final Fantasy XIV players enjoy using the popular tool XIVAlexander to improve their gaming experience. To start again from a blank or to solve problems, you might need to remove the tool at some point.

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How To Uninstall XIVAlexander in 2023

A step-by-step tutorial for removing XIVAlexander from your system is provided below:

1.Leave The Game:

To prevent any potential problems, please be sure to shut down Final Fantasy XIV before uninstalling XIVAlexander.

2.Disable The Configuration Folder:

Go to the Configuration folder, which contains the XIVAlexander settings and mod files. This folder’s default location is %APPDATA%XivAlexander. The Roaming folder in your User directory contains this folder. Windows Explorer may be used to look for this folder as well. To get rid of all XIVAlexander-related settings and mod files, find the folder and delete it.

3.Programme Files Folder Should Be Deleted:

Locate the DLL and EXE files for XIVAlexander in the Programme Files folder. %LOCALAPPDATA%XivAlexander is the default location for this folder. This folder is located in the User directory’s Local folder. Windows Explorer’s search function can be used to find this folder. Once the folder has been located, delete it to get rid of all the XIVAlexander DLL and EXE files.

4.DLL Files Should Be Deleted From The Game Installation Directory:

Go to the location where you installed the game and copied the XIVAlexander32/64.dll file to d3d11.dll, d3d9.dll, dxgi.dll, or dinput8.dll. C:Program Files (x86)SquareEnixFINAL FANTASY XIV – A Realm Reborn Game is the default location for this folder. Windows Explorer may be used to look for this folder as well. When you have found the DLL file, right-click on it and choose Properties to make sure it is the XIVAlexander DLL. Delete the file if it is.

5.Restarting Of The Computer:

Restarting your computer after removing all XIVAlexander-related folders and files will ensure that all adjustments are applied. By this one can know how to uninstall xivalexander.

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Some Reasons To Uninstall XIVAlexander:

There are various reasons due to why one wants to uninstall XIVAlexander. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Technically, XIVAlexander violates Final Fantasy XIV’s terms of service. To prevent any potential consequences for breaking these rules, some players might choose to delete the tool.
  • The frequent addition of new features and content to Final Fantasy XIV can occasionally cause compatibility problems with other programs like XIVAlexander. The user may decide to uninstall the utility if it has not been updated to work with the most recent game version and is not functioning properly.
  • Due to some technical purposes also, the user uninstalls XIVAlexander. Also, if the user has used it enough and no more need of using XIVAlexander, then uninstalling is the best option.

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Uninstallation of Xivalexander is not a difficult task at all. You just have to follow some basic and simple steps to do so. By following the above steps you can know how to uninstall XIVAlexander and it will be removed or uninstalled from your computer.

Always exit the game before removing XIVAlexander, and make sure there are no lingering files or directories that need to be manually destroyed. You should be able to remove XIVAlexander from your computer safely and effectively if you keep these suggestions in mind.