How to Join & Share WhatsApp group Links

In modern time, the internet has become one of the most powerful and interesting tools all across the world. The Internet is a network and collection of many services and resources which benefits us in various ways. Using the internet we can many things like watch news, play the game online etc. and even access the World Wide Web (WWW) from any place.

It provides the bulk of facilities to us such as E-mail, surfing search engines, connecting to celebrities using social media websites, opening informative websites, being up to date, video chatting and many more. It has become the best ever the friend of everyone’s. Nowadays, the technology is growing very fast, even use of the internet is also growing, almost everyone is using the internet connection and also the maximum percentage of ratio, people have a smartphone with internet for many purposes.

Social media is a collection of webpages, and also many things, applications and other platforms that enable us to share or create content and also helps us to participate in social networking. Social media is not set the limits of blogging and sharing pictures, there are a lot of strong tools also that social media provides. That is because the impact of social media is very high and far-reaching. It can make or break images.

WhatsApp has some Best qualities like:

  • Quickly driven.
  • Simply understandable.
  • Easily recoverable.
  • Employ expectable space on the storage.
  • Desirable for multiple for our satisfaction.
  • Most securable.

In the generation of competition WhatsApp has made a place where a person buys a new mobile phone then 9 out of 10 person installs Whatsaap first at their phone and by this only we can understand the importance and how much attention took by this application. It has lots of Useful features which we need in our daily routine.

Whatsaap has played a very important role in facilitating business communication between the supplier and the customers. They not only transfer information but also work on amazing ideas to find solutions to the problems. It is having lots of Creative and useful features which we need on the daily basis of our life. With lots of features, Whatsaap has 1billion active users in 2019.

Main features are:-

  • Free Chat
  • Free voice or video call
  • Free stickers
  • Free voice messages
  • No limit of messages
  • Send files, links, images, videos etc.
  • Locations
  • Free backup

All the above are the basic features for which people generally use the application. There are also so many reasons to use the application but one of the most users do that is group messaging. Most of the users are in whatsapp groups any type of group but they don’t know about there is a feature where the user can invite the members in the group and if they wanted then only the user will get added to the group.


#Step 1:- Go to the Whatsapp group ‘Menu icon’.

#Step 2:- Tap on ‘Invite via Link’.

#Step 3:- Now share your link.


#Step 1:- Tap on Whatsaap group link and you got to join the group.

Following some easy steps, less time consuming you can easily work on Whatsapp. It is actually manageable and effortless.

Whatsapp group is making comfort for every user.

Final Note: –This is how you can Invite and Join the Whatsaap Group via a link. If you like this post kindly share it as much as you can, sharing is always carrying, Keep visiting for latest updates.


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