How to Factory Reset MacBook Pro Without Password

You might have found some dangerous viruses in your MacBook, and you have to factory reset your MacBook pro right away to prevent from a big loss or you might have decided to get the latest version of MacBook so you give the inferior one to your friends or siblings, in this case you need to factory reset MacBook pro. After the reset you will lose your data so get your backup in advance or you can search for a software to recover the lost data without password. 

Keep in Mind These Things Prior You Factory Reset MacBook Pro 

You need to make sure that your MacBook pro has stable internet connection and the power adapter is connected, so you will not run out of battery. You need to back up your data, disconnect few services and features, and then start booting to recovery option and through disk utility you can remove the hard drive and reinstall macOs. 

  1. Make A Back up 

Back up is necessary as resetting the MacBook pro will remove all the data from device.

  1. Sign Out of Your ITunes Account

Your Pc must be updated to Catalina else you have to disable your device from the iTunes Application.

  1. Sign out of iCloud

Go to Apple menu > System Preferences, then go to Apple ID.

Select iCloud and Turn off the option of Find My Mac.

Then go to the side panel and log out from the device. 

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How to Factory Reset Macbook pro Without Password 

You will not be able to back up your data if you don’t have your Mac password prior. If you have some valuable data, which is lost after a factory reset so you will need professional help. You can factory reset your MacBook pro without password by following these steps:

Turn On Recovery Mode to Restart MacBook Pro

1. Go to the Apple icon on the left and click on restart 

2. Simultaneously press the Command + R keys until the logo of Apple appears or you see the round globe 

3. Relax and sit back! It will take a little longer for Mac to turn on in this mode. 

4. After that you have to select a language 

5. Then Recovery Mode utility window will appear on the screen  

Utilize Disk Utility To Remove Your Mac Hard Drive

  • You can find Disk Utility in utilities window   in macOs Recovery to continue the process. 
  • You will have two types of disks – Macintosh HD and Macintosh HD – data in Catalina, first you have to remove the Macintosh HD prior removing the hard drive. 
  • Go to Macintosh HD – click on Data drive.
  • Later select edit and remove APFS volume from the menu.
  • Click on confirm button to delete it. 
  • After removing any data, choose Macintosh HD appearing in the side panel. 
  • Select the Delete button, then follow this process:
  •  Name: Type the name of volume which you would like to see after you remove it, likewise Macintosh HD.
  • Format: Disk Utility will show Mac format option by default. 
  • Select the Erase button and type your Apple ID if needed. If you are afraid to forget Apple ID or password, the Apple ID account website will help you look for it
  • Escape the Disk Utility after the process is completed. 

Reinstall MacOs as Required

Choose Reinstall macOs from the utility window and reinstall macOs as per the instructions provided, your mac will begin installing Catalina or any supporting macOs version. Boom! Mac will restart and the welcome screen will appear. 

Final Words

In conclusion, resetting MacBook Pro without password is possible by accessing the Recovery Mode and using Disk Utility to erase the startup disk. This process allows you to restore MacBook Pro to its factory settings, effectively removing all user data and settings. By following the provided steps above, you can easily perform a factory reset on your MacBook Pro and start afresh.