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Fortnite has become a hit action-building game. If you have played Fortnite, you know how important it is to gather resources for survival. It is crucial as it helps to build structures, craft weapons, and survive against other players. It features numerous building forts, shooting, and traps. To do that, you must gather many supplies and resources. 

If you love playing PC games, check fortnite hacks for pc. In this guide, you will learn how to gather resources effectively. There will be tactics and strategies that will help you to understand the ways by which you can collect the essential resources in Fortnite. Keep reading this article and enjoy learning the best ways of playing.  

Fortnite: Essential Resource Gathering Tactics

Essential Resource Gathering Tactics

As we all know, resource gathering is one of the integral parts of Fortnite. To gather resources, there have to be successful tactics and strategies. In this section of the article, we will learn about the tactics. Gathering resources takes a lot of time, and if you end up smashing cars and trees, you will not get any useful resources, but your bag will be full of supplies. 

Stone, wood, pickaxe, and metal are the most important resources. With it, surviving in the game will make it easier for you. Below are the advanced tactics to help you survive and win the game

Hit the Right spot

When collecting the resources, you will notice a meter. If you manage to time your swings, then you can collect more resources. When you are hammering, you will notice a sweet spot. If you hit this spot, you will do a double damage. This makes destroying faster and easier. 

Search Caves

In the walls of the caves, you will find a lot of resources – they contain natural resources in the form of ores. While collecting, if you find any cave or any other mine shaft, run toward it immediately, as you can get many rare materials that are helpful for your survival. Quartz ore, Fortnite ore, and Fortnite coal are in the walls. 

Break down Structures

Breaking down structures will help you get more resources. If you see any newly constructed building, you can break it to get wood, stones, and metal. Use your pickaxe quickly and take as much loot as possible. 

Search Boxes

There is only one type of special box, a treasure chest, as it contains special things. There are regular boxes like weapon containers and toolboxes as well that contain more unique items. The places where you find many survivors are where you will get many useful items. 

Outlander Hero

Outlander heroes are considered hunters, which is a good start. Playing as labeled Outlander is a resourceful guide for you to get the rare items in a huge amount. Outlander is a lone wolf whose special abilities are useful for survival in Fortnite. But they have less damage bonus and lower health than other classes. An Outlander depends on external support, like using a teddy as a shield.

Use of Vehicles to Find Resources

Vehicles can be found mostly all over the Fortnite map. Sometimes it is easy to find the vehicles. They are commonly found in particular locations like gas stations or parking lots. Once you have found a vehicle, it becomes easy for you to go around the map in search of the resources. Helicopters are also useful to get to longer distances. 


Many people have questions out of the box as well. This guide fulfills most of your requirements. Read each paragraph carefully so that you are clear about all your questions.

1. What is the fastest way to collect materials in Fortnite?

Ans : Using the pickaxe more often will help you survive in Fortnite. Pickaxe helps in breaking down any structure or thing. Anywhere you go with the help of a pickaxe, it will be easy for you to collect resources. 

2. How do you get resources in Fortnite?

Ans : Make sure to collect stone and crafting materials before landing in any combat. Depending on which class you are fighting in, you must choose and use weapons carefully. This way, fighting the enemies and collecting resources quickly will be easy. 

3. What is the best strategy to win in Fortnite?

First, find a good landing spot for yourself. 
After getting the required resources to know how to build properly
Keep a good choice of weapons in your loadout
Keep upgrading your weapon
Be aware of the footsteps of the enemy
On your controller, change the sensitivity settings
Keep hiding until the final moments of the match

4. Which objects should you go for?

Ans :  It is better to hit big objects like trees, huge boulders, and oversized trucks. The more the hp pool of any object, the more it will drop for you. Attacking small objects will only waste your time.


In this article, you have learned about the best tips for getting the essential resources. Along with playing smartly, you must be very strategic while playing. Know that enemies will be all over the map, so choosing a proper place and resources will benefit you. All the best for your match!