root bluestack

How to root bluestacks emulator and install superuser SU and custom recovery

Bluestacks is an android emulator for PC. This emulator can be used to create an android like environment on PC. Inside this emulator, one can install all the apk file like...

How to use volume buttons to fire in PUBG mobile.

No doubt , PUBG is the best open world shooting game for mobile.Playing PUBG(or any other shooting game) on mobile devices is difficult to control as compared to other devices like...
how to turn off facetime

How to turn off FaceTime on your iPhone , iPad , Mac

Apple Inc. announced the launch of its video telephony product in June 2010 and this video calling service was listed on the Mac store on 24th Feb 2011. Though video calling...
free in app purchases

Best apps to get free in app purchases in android phones.

Most of the android apps and games have a store inside them where user/player can purchase the various item. To purchase these items one has to spend some real money to...
Best Vinyl Cutting Machine 2019

Best Vinyl Cutting Machine 2019

Remove the Allen wrenches, making sure to maintain a firm grip on the roller, and permit it to slowly roll up the extra fabric until it's tight. There are lots of...
GTA San andreas Remastered

Download GTA San Andreas Remastered for PC

In my opinion, GTA San Andreas is the best game in the GTA series despite huge success of GTA 5. GTA San Andreas was released 20 years ago but the gameplay...
chrome extension on android

How to use chrome extensions on android phones and tablets.

"Extensions" is one of the most important things which make Google Chrome the best web browser among others. Being a blogger you always need some extensions for keyword research and other...
Google dorks for credit card

How to use Google Dorks for Credit Cards Details

Literally, "Dorks stands for a stupid person who doesn't know what he is doing" Google Dork is basically is a set of commands which sets filters in the Google search results. By inserting these set...
best 3d touch games for iphones

Best 3D touch games for I-phones(pressure sensitive touch.)

Apple introduced 3d touch with the release of i-phone 6s and all the models released after iPhone-6s supports this 3D touch function(Except Apple SE). Not so many people know about Apple's...

Download CLEO SA APK No root for GTA San andreas[ Cheats For Un-Rooted Android]

So, you installed GTA SA on your android phone. But missing the CLEO SA cheats that are available for PlayStation and PC version of the GTA SA. During Porting the game...
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How to change jiofi password ,network name and Credentials.

Jiofi is a portable wifi hotspot offered by jio. The user needs to insert the Jio sim card in Jiofi device to use the...