0995 What Network ? Is It Smart Or Globe?

The mobile networks of numbers starting from 0995 or 63995 in the Philippines might belong to Smart or Globe networks. So, if you’re repeatedly on the search of 0995 what network, 0956, 0957 what network keywords on Google or other search engines, you got the right page. With detailed or extensive list of published blogs on what the 0995 network is and which network it belongs to, you will more clarity on this subject shortly. Plus, we will update the prefix list information on this post regularly.

So, you can refer to this information guide whenever you can find it later while searching the 0995 number prefix list in the Philippines. Read the content below to learn more about this network and clear the queries without external help.

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0995 what network does this number series have in the Philippines?

There is a list of confusing network channels or chains in the Philippines. Every network has different offers or plans, to be honest. This confuses many people, especially immigrants or someone traveling to this country for a short visit. When they do not know what network 0995 is, they end up recharging for the wrong plan. It is a waste of time and the cost invested in the recharge. A traveler must know that the 0995 series fall under the Globe network’s prefix list to avoid waste of money. This is as per the recent data that we gathered from our online research or sources. 

What is the 0995 network?

A new list updates online every year when we search Globe or Smart network series. However, the 0995 number series are still in the Globe network this year. There are more numbers accepted in the Globe network apart from the 0995 numbers, which can be 0996, 0997, 0998, and so on. Sometimes, the same series is defined by +63995 as +63 is the country code. So, if you get calls from +63995, know it is the same as 0995. 

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Which networks for the 0995 number series are known in the Philippines?

The country has 6 brands for sim cards or cellular towers/networks. All 6 of them fall under primarily two telecom companies. This causes a lot of concerns for new travelers or immigrants in the country. Often, people are not sure which network their current sim belongs to. Most might be confused even if they ask their friends or family members. That is why many people end up doing the wrong recharge on their sim cards. 

So after knowing 0995 what network question’s answer, we hope that you won’t be searching it again online for this year, at least. Again, you won’t have to ask random people, strangers, or your friends about the cellular network of their sim or yours. 

Are both the Globe and TM same?

There’s still a bit of difference in those networks. The same company, The Globe Telecom, Inc, funded both networks. That was in 2001 when the cellular network was booming in the country. 

So TM and Globe Network are subsidiaries of the Globe Telecom, Inc. brand. Otherwise, we can say that Globe Telecom, Inc. is the parent company for these two networks. 

Because these two brands are like sister brands, there could be a slight possibility of interconnection. Some of their plans or recharges might be the same. Otherwise, some sim cards or series numbers might fall into both networks. 

That is why it is a good practice to know 0995 what network like numbers belong to at present. It will save you the money you want to invest in recharging without fail. 

Want to know more about prefixes and series like 0995?

At present, according to the latest research, there are 37+ types of prefixes added to the Globe network. It includes 0995 if you’re asking again what network it belongs to in the later years of this post. This telecom network has 8,000+ employees and owns 190+ stores or help centers in the country. 

Note that the previous number 0994 is of DITO, whereas 0996 is of Globe network. So, at times, there is a lot of confusion around the series when it comes to knowing the range. Do your research or find a directory of number series which updates regularly – or at least once a year – to know the network a prefix belongs to.