0967 What Network

In today’s interconnected world, understanding the network associated with specific mobile number prefixes is more important than ever, especially in countries like the Philippines with a diverse telecommunications landscape. The prefix “0967” is a prime example of this, as it belongs to a particular network that significantly influences call rates, data services, and promotional offers available to users.

This article delves into the details of the 0967 mobile prefix, aiming to provide comprehensive insights into which network it is associated with and what this means for users. This understanding is crucial for individuals who have a mobile number with this prefix or frequently communicate with others who do. Identifying the network provider for a specific prefix like 0967 can help users make informed decisions about their mobile usage, manage costs effectively, and take full advantage of network-specific services and promotions.

0967 What Network

The 0967 mobile prefix in the Philippines is associated with Globe Telecom and its subsidiary, Touch Mobile (TM). This association has significant implications for users, particularly in terms of the services they can access and the rates they are charged for calls and texts.

Globe Telecom

  1. Profile:
    • Globe Telecom is one of the largest telecommunication companies in the Philippines. It offers a broad spectrum of services, including mobile, fixed-line, broadband, and digital solutions.
    • Known for its substantial user base, Globe Telecom has a significant presence nationwide.
  2. Services:
    • Mobile Services: Globe offers a range of mobile services such as voice calls, SMS, and mobile data. Its network is known for extensive 3G, 4G, LTE, and 5G coverage.
    • Broadband and Internet Services: The company provides various home broadband plans, catering to different internet speed requirements and budgets.
    • Digital Solutions: Globe has been at the forefront of providing digital services including online payments and entertainment platforms.
  3. Market Reach and Coverage:
    • Globe Telecom has an extensive network coverage across the Philippines, ensuring connectivity even in remote areas.

Touch Mobile (TM)

  1. Profile:
    • TM operates as a budget-friendly brand under Globe Telecom. It focuses on providing affordable mobile communication services, especially for budget-conscious consumers.
  2. Services:
    • Affordable Call and Text Services: TM is known for its cost-effective packages, including calls and texts.
    • Data Offers: While being economical, TM also offers competitive data packages, which are particularly popular among budget-conscious users.
  3. Target Market:
    • TM primarily targets the budget segment of the market, including students and cost-conscious consumers.

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How Does the 0967 Network Work?

The 0967 network, which is part of Globe Telecom and its subsidiary Touch Mobile (TM) in the Philippines, operates by providing a range of telecommunications services to users associated with this prefix. Understanding how this network functions is key for users in optimizing their communication experience and making the most out of the services offered.

Service Provision

  1. Mobile Communication Services:
    • Voice Calls and SMS: The network provides standard voice calling and SMS services. Rates and packages may vary, with some plans offering unlimited calls and texts within the network.
    • Mobile Data: Globe and TM offer various data plans, from budget-friendly options to more extensive packages for heavier data users. This includes 3G, 4G, LTE, and evolving 5G services.
  2. Network Infrastructure:
    • The network operates on a robust infrastructure that supports widespread coverage across the Philippines, including remote areas. This infrastructure is continuously upgraded to improve service quality, speed, and reliability.

Special Features and Promotions

  1. Promotional Offers:
    • Both Globe and TM frequently introduce promotional offers, which can include discounted rates, bonus data, and other benefits. These promotions are often tailored to different user segments.
  2. Loyalty Programs:
    • The network may offer loyalty programs or rewards to long-term subscribers, providing additional benefits or discounts.

Digital and Value-Added Services

  1. Digital Platforms:
    • Globe has ventured into digital services, offering platforms for online payments, streaming, and other digital solutions that enhance user experience.
    • TM also offers services tailored to its market segment, focusing on affordability and accessibility.
  2. Customer Support:
    • Extensive customer support is provided, including helplines, service centers, and online support channels. This support is crucial for troubleshooting, inquiries, and service optimization.

Billing and Subscription Management

  1. Prepaid and Postpaid Options:
    • Users can choose between prepaid and postpaid plans. Prepaid users top up their accounts with credits to use services, while postpaid users pay a monthly bill based on their usage or plan.
    • TM is particularly known for its prepaid services, offering a range of affordable options.
  2. Online Management:
    • Subscribers can manage their accounts online, including checking balances, topping up, and changing plans.

Accessing the 0967 Network

Gaining access to and utilizing the 0967 network, affiliated with Globe Telecom and Touch Mobile (TM) in the Philippines, involves a few straightforward steps. This network provides comprehensive telecommunication services, catering to a wide range of customer needs. Here’s how users can access and make the most of the 0967 network:

  1. Acquiring a SIM Card:
    • Purchase a Globe or TM SIM card from any mobile store, Globe center, or authorized retailer. Ensure the SIM has the 0967 prefix.
    • SIM cards are available in various formats (standard, micro, nano) to fit different mobile devices.
  2. Activating the SIM Card:
    • Insert the SIM card into your mobile device.
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to activate it, which might include a simple call or text message to a designated number.
  3. Choosing a Plan or Load:
    • Decide between a prepaid or postpaid plan based on your communication needs.
    • For prepaid users, load credits are available at various outlets, online, or through mobile banking apps.
    • Postpaid users can select from various monthly plans that offer a mix of call, text, and data services.
  4. Opting for Promotions and Add-Ons:
    • Keep an eye on ongoing promotions and offers from Globe or TM, which can include additional data, free texts, or calls.
    • Subscribe to these promotions via the mobile device or official apps to enhance your plan.
  5. Utilizing Digital Services:
    • Access digital services like Globe’s GCash for online payments, or explore entertainment options available on streaming platforms.
  6. Customer Support and Assistance:
    • For any issues or queries, utilize the customer support provided by Globe and TM through their helplines, service centers, or digital channels.
  7. Staying Informed:
    • Regularly check for network updates, new services, or changes in tariffs to stay informed and make the most of the network services.


The exploration of the 0967 network, which falls under Globe Telecom and Touch Mobile (TM) in the Philippines, reveals a comprehensive telecommunications landscape that is tailored to meet a wide range of user needs. Understanding this network is crucial for subscribers who are identified by the 0967 prefix, as it significantly impacts their communication experience.