0961 What Network

The prefix of 0961 what network is operating in the Philippines belongs to the Smart Communications network, per the latest study and careful research. Smart Communications own 15+ prefixes already. It is impossible to know about all the numbers belonging to those prefixes.

Though, sim card user can remember 10-15 prefixes like the 0961 to answer their query of what network it belongs to this year. Often, in the country, mobile users might port their network. Otherwise, networks like Smart, TNT, TN, or Globe might add/delete new prefix series.

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Knowing if you’re in the Philippines and want to stay in touch with your pals without interruption is important. Read the blog below for detailed information on these prefixes for seamless connectivity in the country. 

What do we mean by mobile prefixes?

Mobile sim cards or contact numbers have prefixes. These four digits at the start of the contact number tell you about the network and the area code. Every prefix has thousands of numbers. 

For example, 09611231321 and 09619831231 numbers have the same prefix, 0961. Both belong to the Smart Communications network. So, as long as the number starts from 0961, it will belong to the Smart network. 

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Overview of prefixes by Smart Communications or TNT

Smart Communications and TNT – Talk ‘n Text networks have their prefix numbers. These differ from those owned by the Globe and/or TN network. However, users are free to port to a new network whenever they want to. 

For that, a mobile number user must reach both networks’ customer executive. Then, they will know when and how to switch to the new network. The Smart Communications network has 15+ prefixes, and the Globe has more than that. Both of these networks are quite the largest in the Philippines. 

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0961 What network does it belong to?

0961 prefix series belong to the Smart Communications network as of now. However, online studies also state that these prefixes are under TNT and Sun networks. This confuses mobile phone and sim card users. Read the next point to clear this confusion within minutes. 

0961 What Network

How to check if your current prefix belongs to the Smart Communications network?

There are online sources that keep updating the information of the 0961 what network Philippines question. Then, it becomes difficult for anyone to answer the network to which this prefix series belongs during a particular period or year. 

Thus, the best way to validate its network connection and validity is to check it on a network checker tool. There are plenty of those available on the market. Users can either downloads network checker or prefix checker apps on their mobiles or use a website online.

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Then, there are Filipino directories online. Filipino residents can refer to those updated directories to learn about the network of the 0961-prefix series. 

How to call someone with a 0961-prefix number?

If both the parties – caller and receiver – have the same prefix numbers, there is no need to 0 while calling them. Add their number to the dial pad and hit the call button. If you have the recharge or top-up, it should connect within seconds without charging extra. 

You must save their contact first to drop a text to send a file to this number. You don’t need to add a +63 code if you’re already in the Philippines while adding this number. The code gets added automatically for everyone. 

However, if you’re outside the Philippines and want to connect with someone from there, add +63 in front of the number starting from 961. Then, sending them a text, SMS, internet message, file, doc, or any other multimedia can be seamless.

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How many prefix series are there in the Philippines including 0961?

There are a lot of brands of networks in the Philippines these days. The number is increasing at a staggering rate. Currently, there are 70+ prefixes in the nation. That is why no wonder people end up searching 096. What network is it?

Mobile phone users in the Philippines must have an app or website tool to clear the mist and confusion. This shall help them identify the network of the prefix number within seconds. No one can memorize so many numbers or prefixes. An online app or software makes it easy to know what the user wants to learn, like about the network and area code. 

Benefits of knowing 0961 What network answer

You might be someone who off-lately wants to purchase a sim with the 0961 what network prefix or have someone connecting you with that number. It might charge you extensively if the person does not have the same network. So, knowing in advance helps to know if you want to call back or reply to the person and when. Plus, you do not end up recharging the sim card with the wrong coupon code.