0956 What Network

In today’s interconnected world, where mobile communication plays a pivotal role, understanding the network associated with specific mobile number prefixes can be crucial. In the Philippines, where a variety of mobile networks operate, identifying these prefixes helps in determining the network provider for a particular phone number. The prefix “0956” is one such identifier that many people are curious about.

This article aims to clarify which network the 0956 prefix belongs to in the Philippines. This information is not only relevant for users who have numbers with this prefix but also for those who frequently communicate with individuals with 0956 numbers. Knowing the network can help in understanding call and message rates, especially when different charges apply for inter-network communications. We will delve into the specifics of the 0956 prefix, its associated network provider, and other relevant details to provide a comprehensive understanding of this topic.

0956 What Network

The 0956 prefix is a significant mobile number identifier in the Philippines. It is associated with Globe Telecom, one of the country’s largest telecommunication companies, and its subsidiary, Touch Mobile (TM). Understanding this affiliation is essential for users within the Philippine telecommunications landscape.

Globe Telecom and Touch Mobile (TM)

  • Globe Telecom: Globe is a major player in the Filipino telecom industry, boasting millions of users. It offers a wide range of services, including voice, messaging, data, and digital solutions.
  • Touch Mobile (TM): Formerly known as Islacom, TM operates under Globe Telecom’s umbrella. It is tailored more towards budget-conscious consumers, offering affordable call, text, and data services.

Significance of the 0956 Prefix

  • Network Identification: The 0956 prefix is exclusively managed by Globe Telecom and TM. Any mobile number starting with 0956 is registered under these networks.
  • Dialing Format: For local calls within the Philippines, the 0956 prefix is dialed directly followed by the subscriber number. For international calls, it is preceded by the country code (+63956).

Network Services and Coverage

Globe Telecom and TM, associated with the 0956 prefix, provide comprehensive services across the Philippines. These include:

  • Voice and SMS: Standard voice calling and SMS services.
  • Data Services: Internet data plans and packages for various user needs.
  • Digital Solutions: Innovative digital solutions for personal and business use.

Updated Prefix List

The list of mobile number prefixes is updated annually. Users are advised to stay updated with these changes, as new prefixes may be introduced or existing ones re-assigned.

Understanding the network associated with the 0956 prefix is crucial for users in terms of service accessibility, cost implications, and overall communication experience within the Philippines.

0956 Mobile Prefix

The 0956 mobile prefix in the Philippines is a distinctive numerical code that plays a key role in identifying the network provider for a specific range of mobile numbers. This prefix is part of the broader system of number allocation used in the Philippines to manage and organize cellular communications.

General Overview

  • Prefix: 0956
  • Country: Philippines
  • Usage: Allocated for mobile phone numbers.

Network Association

  • Associated Network: The 0956 prefix is affiliated with Globe Telecom and its subsidiary, Touch Mobile (TM).
  • Globe Telecom: A leading telecommunications company in the Philippines, Globe offers a wide range of services including voice, text, and data.
  • Touch Mobile (TM): Known for budget-friendly services, TM caters to a segment of the market that prioritizes affordable communication options.

Historical Context

  • Origin: Touch Mobile, previously known as Islacom, was integrated into Globe Telecom. This integration expanded Globe’s market reach, incorporating various prefixes, including 0956, under its brand.

Relevance to Mobile Users

  • User Identification: Mobile users with a 0956 prefix are registered under Globe Telecom or TM. This is essential information for identifying network-specific promotions or understanding call and text rates.
  • Dialing Pattern: For local calls, the 0956 prefix is followed by the user’s unique number. For international dialing, it is preceded by the Philippines country code (+63), forming +63956.

Importance of Prefix Knowledge

  • Cost Implications: Knowing that 0956 is a Globe or TM prefix can help users determine the cost of calls or texts, as rates may vary between intra-network and inter-network communications.
  • Service and Promotions: Subscribers can access network-specific services and promotions available to Globe or TM users.

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Network Details

The 0956 mobile prefix is linked to Globe Telecom and its subsidiary, Touch Mobile (TM), both of which are significant players in the Philippine telecommunications market. Understanding the nuances of these networks is crucial for subscribers and those communicating with them.

Globe Telecom

  1. Profile:
    • Globe Telecom is one of the largest telecommunication providers in the Philippines. It offers a comprehensive range of services, including mobile, fixed-line, broadband, and digital solutions.
  2. Services:
    • Mobile Services: Offers voice calls, SMS, and mobile data services. Globe is known for its extensive 3G, 4G, LTE, and now 5G networks across the Philippines.
    • Broadband and Internet Services: Provides home broadband services with various plans catering to different internet speed requirements and budgets.
    • Digital Solutions: Offers a variety of digital services, including online payments, financial services through GCash, and entertainment platforms.
  3. Market Reach and Coverage:
    • Globe boasts widespread coverage across the Philippines, continuously expanding its reach to provide better connectivity, especially in remote areas.
  4. Innovations and Corporate Social Responsibility:
    • Globe is recognized for its innovations in mobile and internet technology. It actively participates in various CSR activities, focusing on sustainability, education, and digital literacy.

Touch Mobile (TM)

  1. Profile:
    • Originally known as Islacom, TM operates as a budget-friendly brand under Globe Telecom. It’s tailored towards providing affordable mobile communication services.
  2. Services:
    • Affordable Call and Text Services: TM is known for its cost-effective packages for calls and texts, catering to a market segment that values affordability.
    • Data Offers: Although more economical, TM provides competitive data packages, which are particularly popular among budget-conscious data users.
  3. Target Market:
    • TM primarily targets the budget segment of the market, including students and cost-conscious consumers.
  4. Promotions and Offers:
    • Regularly offers promotions and special packages that provide more value for money, such as unlimited texts or calls to Globe and TM numbers, and affordable internet promos.

Benefits of Knowing Your Network

Understanding the network associated with your mobile prefix, such as 0956 in the Philippines, offers several advantages. It’s not just about identifying whether the number is under Globe Telecom or Touch Mobile (TM); it extends to making informed decisions about your communication needs and maximizing the benefits provided by your network. Here are some key benefits:

1. Cost-Effective Communication

  • Rate Awareness: Knowing your network allows you to understand the specific call and SMS rates, especially when communicating within the same network or across different networks. This awareness can lead to more cost-effective decisions, such as choosing the right promo or plan.
  • Promotion Utilization: Networks often offer promotions and discounts for in-network calls and texts. Being aware of your network helps in taking advantage of these offers, leading to savings.

2. Tailored Service and Plan Selection

  • Appropriate Plans: Each network has unique offerings tailored to different customer needs. By knowing your network, you can select plans and promos that align with your usage patterns and preferences.
  • Customized Add-Ons: Networks provide various add-ons and bolt-ons. Knowing your network can help in choosing the most beneficial add-ons for your lifestyle.

3. Better Network Management

  • Network-Specific Features: Different networks have unique features and services. Being aware of your network helps in understanding and utilizing these features to their fullest.
  • Troubleshooting and Support: Knowing your network facilitates easier access to customer support and service centers for any network-related issues.

4. Informed Decision-Making

  • Switching Networks: Understanding the strengths and limitations of your current network can guide you in making informed decisions about possibly switching networks.
  • Comparing Offers: Awareness of your network’s offers enables effective comparison with other networks, helping in making informed choices about whether to stay or switch.

5. Community and Social Interaction

  • Community Engagement: Some networks have community forums or platforms where users can interact, share experiences, and provide support to each other.
  • Referral Benefits: Referring friends or family to your network can sometimes yield benefits, and knowing your network is crucial for this.

6. Enhanced Digital Experience

  • Digital Services: Many networks now offer digital services like mobile wallets and online streaming. Knowing your network allows you to integrate these services seamlessly into your digital lifestyle.

In summary, knowing your network goes beyond basic identification; it’s about leveraging this knowledge for cost savings, enhanced service experience, and making informed choices in your digital and communication endeavors.

Implications for Users

For users with mobile numbers starting with the 0956 prefix, associated with Globe Telecom and Touch Mobile (TM) in the Philippines, there are several practical implications. These implications affect not only their daily communication practices but also their overall experience with mobile services. Understanding these implications helps users make the most of their network services and manage their communication needs effectively.

1. Call and Text Rates

  • Intra-network Rates: Calls and texts to other Globe or TM numbers may be cheaper, as networks often offer lower rates for intra-network communication.
  • Inter-network Charges: Communicating with numbers outside the Globe and TM network might incur higher charges, making it important for users to be aware of these rates for budgeting purposes.

2. Data Services and Internet Access

  • Data Plans: Globe and TM offer various data plans and packages. Users need to understand the data services available to them, including coverage, speed, and cost.
  • Network Coverage: The quality of data services, including internet speed and connectivity, can vary based on the user’s location. Awareness of network coverage areas ensures users stay connected in locations that matter to them.

3. Promotions and Special Offers

  • Exclusive Deals: Both Globe and TM frequently roll out exclusive deals and promotions for their subscribers. Users should stay informed about these offers to enjoy additional benefits.
  • Customized Packages: Users can take advantage of customized packages tailored to their calling, texting, and data usage patterns, leading to more value-for-money services.

4. Digital and Value-Added Services

  • GCash Integration: As Globe offers GCash, a popular mobile wallet in the Philippines, 0956 users can seamlessly integrate mobile financial services into their daily transactions.
  • Entertainment and Lifestyle Apps: Users have access to Globe’s partnerships with various entertainment and lifestyle apps, which can offer exclusive content and discounts.

5. Customer Service and Support

  • Network-Specific Support: In case of issues or queries, users have access to network-specific customer support, which can provide more tailored assistance.
  • Service Centers and Outlets: Users can visit Globe and TM service centers for direct assistance, SIM replacement, or other service-related issues.

6. Social and Community Engagement

  • Network Community: Being part of a large network like Globe or TM allows users to engage with a wider community, sharing experiences and tips.

7. Roaming and International Services

  • International Roaming: Users traveling abroad should be aware of Globe and TM’s international roaming services, including charges and coverage.

Final Thoughts

In the fast-evolving world of telecommunications, where new technologies and services are constantly introduced, staying informed about one’s network is more important than ever. For 0956 users in the Philippines, this knowledge is a gateway to optimized service usage, cost savings, and a more fulfilling digital lifestyle.

In essence, the 0956 prefix is more than just a number; it represents a connection to a network that offers a plethora of opportunities for communication, entertainment, and digital engagement. As the telecom landscape continues to grow and evolve, so too will the experiences and opportunities available to these users.