0955 What Network

Have you recently encountered a contact number with a prefix starting from 0955? Eager to find out what network does it belong in? Or are you planning to purchase a sim and want to know 0955 What network does it have, or should you buy it or not? Let me know that this number series in the Philippines is currently under either the Globe or TM – Touch Mobile network. Both are sister brands.

You will know more about the prefix numbers like 0955 below to make the best choice while connecting with people having such sim cards. Thus, continue to read and know the network of the 0955 number series.

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What network does the 0955 prefix belong to in the Philippines?

As per one of the types of research online, I can say that 0955 still belongs to the Globe network. However, you must do a check online yourself first. The Globe network and Touch Mobile servers add new prefixes to their lists every year. This prefix series has been showing to be accepted under the Globe network since 2017.

How to make a call with the 0955 series numbers?

You need a top-up balance on your phone to make a call. Otherwise, recharge from the current offers available under the Globe network plans. Before that, you should ensure 0955 What network it belongs to in 2023. I don’t know which year you’re reading this. However, in 2023, it is still in the Globe Network. 

0955 What Network philippines

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So, you can easily call up the number starting from 0955 when you’re in the country. If your number also starts from 0955, some discounts might be available. Know that the Globe network allows people to send each other text, files, and other media at discounted rates if the numbers belong to the same network. 

Thus, when you make a call, it should not be a problem. Add 0 before the entire number and hit the dial pad to call. 

However, if you’re outside of the Philippines right now and want to call another number (having the same prefix), add +63 in front of the actual number. This will help you to connect with the other person easily and seamlessly when you want to call them to converse.

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Is 0955 Smart or Globe, or TM?

There is still a possibility that some numbers beginning from 0955 might be in the Smart Communications network. Then it is hard to differentiate. Without knowing that, it will be difficult to communicate with someone with the same prefix number. The best option is to ask the person if they are in proximity or when you add their number. At least, you will know whether you have to save money during the connection or conversation. 

Otherwise, the current 0955 series are accepted by the Globe network. Many mobile users convert or port their sim cards of 0955 series to the Smart Communications network. This is allowed for all users in the Philippines. They must connect or talk to the Mobile Number Portability experts from either the Globe or Smart Communications’ teams.

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Touch Mobile network is the sister network for the Globe network. Both of these were founded in 2011 by the Globe Telecom, Inc. So, as per my online study on these numbers; I don’t see the 0955 number series belonging to the TM network.

However, there can be discrepancies when discussing the updated network for the 0955 prefix in the Philippines. Thousands of sim card users are putting their requests forward to port their sim to different companies daily. There are many approvals and successful ports every day. 

How will you know then that the number starting from 0955 What network does it belong to?

That is not tough to find if you know the right way to do so. One way is to get an updated directory of the local numbers starting from 0955. However, it will not show you the currently updated numbers. There might be many numbers in the directory that no longer belong to the Globe, TM, or Smart Communications network.

0955 What Network

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Another faster way to find out is to download an online network checker app. With such apps, users can find out which network the current number belongs to, especially when it starts from 0955, 0956, 0957, 0958, and so on.

0955 What Network Philippines

There are many network checker websites in the Philippines. It depends upon your research skills and reviews or recommendations. If you find time and you want to know the network of 0955 what number you want to use or connect with, find out about these tools and apps. 

Make sure not to download any spammy apps or tools. Always watch or read updated articles about 0955 What network series or prefix numbers, as a safe way to know the network – whether Globe, TM, or Smart. 

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